Watch People Destroy Their Justice League Theatrical Cut DVDs

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Ah, Justice League. A bittersweet moment in film history, though many would argue is mostly bitter. So much could’ve gone right, but we got stuck with a laughable CGI upper lip (thanks, Mission Impossible). What started off strong with Man of Steel went completely off the rails, but we can’t blame Warner. Oh, wait. We can. A cast of heroes we wanted to see together on the silver screen for decades, unfortunately torn to shreds. At least we’ve got the animated films to keep us in check and sane. Now, I’m sure if you’re here you must have heard of the infamous Synder Cut being brought back to life. With this exciting news, some folks are taking their bottled up anger and putting it to use. Fans across the country who have ached for the true telling of The League are rising up. The near-blasphemous film is now suffering more than during the horrendous reviews of critics and fans alike. With the taste in our mouths about to be wiped clean by HBO max, people are breaking any and all ties to the theatrical cut. Both figuratively AND literally. Sharp shards of broken Blu-Rays and DVD’s will soon litter our local dumps and landfills, arguably where they should’ve been put in the first place. 


Now, with tremendous push from fans and Snyder himself, the long sought after Snyder Cut will soon bless our eyes with its presence. To prepare for this magnificent event, people are ridding themselves of the original. Here are some ways you can do it too, if you haven’t already. Some of these require safety glasses, as we’ve got to keep our eyes unhurt to witness history in the making.

Snapping with your hand:


Quite possibly the easiest, yet most satisfying way of breaking the disk. To accomplish this, simply hold the disk with both hands far in front of your body and face the other way. Have you got it? Good. Now comes the fun part, the snap (No, not that one MCU fans). Holding both sides of the disk, turn your head away and close your eyes. Close both end of the disk together with all of your frustration until you hear it crack. It’s best to do this outside or somewhere with an easy to clean floor. Once the deed is done, jump in the air and cheer, you’ve earned it. 

Drop something heavy onto it:

This one requires some extra hardware. If you’ve got dumbbells or something similar, you can use that. Place the disk onto the floor, with the cover face down. Stand as far away as you’re able, holding your object of mayhem above the disk as high as you can. Drop your object onto the disk and boom, you’ve got a broken disk! This may require a few tries, if for some reason it doesn’t work, refer back to #1.


Torch it:

Don’t try this one at home, kids. If you do, have an adult with you. If you are, in fact, an adult, use the upmost caution before sending it to the fiery inferno where it belongs. Wear safety goggles, heat resistant gloves and a gas mask as the fumes are toxic. Take a long pair of tongs and hold the disk as far away as you possibly can. Then, turn on your torch and flame on. Make sure you do this outside, nowhere near any flammable material. Have a box or something to catch the melted disk once it pours down from the heat. Once completed, laugh maniacally like Joker himself.

Blend it:

This is doable with some simple household items. You’re going to need a blender, and a blender lid. Make sure to do this one outside too, as the fumes are toxic. Place the disk inside of your blender, and put the lid on. You can either start off slowly or go full throttle and watch the mayhem ensue. Once blended to perfection, add some ingredients to make a disk smoothie (we don’t recommend you drink it).                                                                        


Fandomwire is not responsible for any and all disk-breaking related accidents. Proceed with these with caution if you decide to follow any of these steps. Please, break your disk responsibly.



Written by Victor Tirado Jr.

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