“People didn’t know?”: Fans Defend Alaqua Cox’s Controversial Echo Fight Against Daredevil by Stating it to be Purely Intentional

Fans fought criticism against a controversial Echo vs Daredevil fight with logic.

"People didn't know?": Fans Defend Alaqua Cox's Controversial Echo Fight Against Daredevil by Stating it to be Purely Intentional


  • Netflix's Daredevil set the standard for many superhero TV shows over the past several years - something that many shows have yet to surpass.
  • Marvel's Echo boasts a gritty and realistic take on Maya Lopez/Echo in the new show.
  • Fans used logic to counter criticism regarding a controversial fight between Echo and Daredevil.
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Netflix’s Daredevil series is widely regarded as one of the greatest superhero shows, applauded for providing an authentic portrayal of Daredevil, featuring Charlie Cox in a career-defining performance. Alaqua Cox is currently part of the Daredevil universe, portraying Maya Lopez/Echo in the spinoff series Echo, which stems from Hawkeye. However, some fans are now defending Alaqua Cox fighting Daredevil in Echo with an interesting explanation.


The recent Marvel shows and movies are perceived by some as lacking the same edge or impact as their predecessors. However, Marvel Studios continues to produce new content, with Echo being the latest addition to their lineup.

Daredevil and his team in Netflix's Defenders
Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage

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Brief Overview Of Marvel’s Latest Offering – Echo

Alaqua Cox as Echo
Alaqua Cox

Echo, featuring Alaqua Cox, stands out among other Marvel shows as the first to carry a TV-MA rating. The show is set to showcase brutality and unveil the darker aspects of organized crime, drawing inspiration from Daredevil.

Echo is a five-episode miniseries that provides insight into the life of Maya Lopez, initially introduced in Marvel’s Hawkeye. The show explores Maya Lopez’s past and present, highlighting her connection with her ancestors, which bestows upon her supernatural powers. The primary story revolves around the conflict between Maya and her adoptive uncle, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, as she re-establishes connections with her birth family.

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Fans Defended A Controversial Fight Featuring Daredevil In Echo With A Logical Reason

Alaqua Cox as Echo listening in this scene
Another scene featuring Echo

During one of the episodes in Echo, Maya Lopez could be seen engaging in an intense fight with Daredevil. However, one move from the fight sequence got backlash from fans for being illogical – which was the delayed kick.

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Fans took to Twitter and commented on the delayed kick by Echo during the action scene, as they stated that it was intentional and not a fake move or a result of CGI of any kind. It is odd why people would think the kick was fake in the first place, as it has already been made evident Marvel takes fight sequences very seriously and tends not to mess them up – especially when Daredevil is involved.


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