“People like to work with people they trust”: Jensen Ackles Appearing in Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Walking Dead Spinoff is a Real Possibility After Actor’s Exciting Comment

Jensen Ackles would love to join Jeffrey Dean Morgan in AMC's The Walking Dead: Dead City.

Jensen Ackles in Supernatural, Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walking Dead: Dead City


  • Jensen Ackles is willing to join AMC's The Walking Dead: Dead City if the opportunity comes.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan also expressed enthusiasm in working with his former Supernatural costar.
  • The Walking Dead: Dead City has been renewed for Season 2 but it still has no official release date.
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Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are no strangers to one another. In fact, they have worked together on several episodes of The CW’s Supernatural before the latter left the project due to scheduling conflicts.

jeffrey dean morgan the walking dead- dead city
Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walking Dead: Dead City

Both of them have expressed interest in working together again in Morgan’s spinoff series of The Walking Dead. Titled ‘Dead City’, the post-apocalyptic show followed Lauren Cohan’s Maggie and Morgan’s Negan into the crumbling city of Manhattan.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Wants To Have Jensen Ackles On The Walking Dead: Dead City

While speaking at a convention panel in Burbank during a fan event, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan said that he would love to have his Supernatural costar on the set of Dead City (via YouTube):


Yeah, that would just be phenomenal to see. Yeah, funny enough, we had a conversation a couple of weeks ago about it… um, I think so. I mean, I’d love to have him; he would love to come and do it – sometimes, our schedules won’t quite work out the way we want them to.”

jensen ackles supernatural
Jensen Ackles in Supernatural

He also quipped that he would love to make this plan happen at one point. On the other hand, Jensen Ackles shared a reflection of what he has learned from his years in the industry.

This is a real sweet spot, I think, in both our careers, that we can have dear friends who are thriving in a multitude of shows and movies and stuff in this industry. In this industry, people like to work with people they trust, and so now I have.”

He said that he’s got friends who would ring him up to invite him and do a spot on their shows, while there are some who would propose to make a movie together. “But like Jeff said, a lot of it comes down to availability and whether or not they can work that out,” he added.

Ackles ended the segment by concluding that if there’s “any opportunity [we] get to go play on set together, that’s a good jump,” which definitely hints at his willingness to work with Morgan again.


Dead City Has Been Officially Renewed For Season 2

lauren cohan jeffrey dean morgan the walking dead- dead city
Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan in The Walking Dead: Dead City

It has been almost a year since The Walking Dead: Dead City has been granted a second installment ahead of Season 1’s finale. There are multiple projects within the franchise so the delay is quite understandable. In fact, there is no confirmed release date yet for Season 2.

AMC’s Dan McDermott previously teased fans with what they can expect from the sequel during his announcement of the renewal via Digital Spy:

This next chapter in the Walking Dead Universe continues to thrive with a terrific inaugural season for Dead City… We can’t wait to bring Dead City fans back to the epicenter of Manhattan for more zip-lining action with Maggie and Negan.”

As the production is still underway, the studio could seize this opportunity to invite Jensen Ackles and make an appearance on the show!


The Walking Dead: Dead City Season 1 is available to watch on AMC and Amazon Prime.


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