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“People Started Dropping Like Flies”: Squid Game Reality Show Put Contestants in Actual Danger With Extremely Harsh Conditions That Rivalled Netflix’s Hit Series 

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Squid Game broke the internet in 2021 with its unique plot, thrilling challenges, nail-biting drama, and a cast that played strong and unique characters. The show became the most-viewed foreign TV series on Netflix and won numerous awards. And recently Netflix decided to create a reality show based on the series called Squid Game: The Challenge, which is as dangerous as the fictional series.

Squid Game: The Challenge features 456 contestants who will be competing for a massive prize pool of $4.56 million, and the winner will have it all. The series will be broken down into 10 episodes, where each contestant will participate in similar games that were featured in the show. And it turns out that this reality show will have a life-threatening element as well.

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A still from Netflix Original Squid Games

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Why is the Squid Game Reality Show Dangerous?

Squid Game: The Challenge is being filmed in the hangar of a former military base in Bedfordshire, and the show is allegedly a disaster, as the production team was inadequately prepared for the frosty English weather. The unpaid participants were filming in freezing temperatures and suffered from fatigue, as they were woken up as early as 3:30 A.M. They used to shoot for more than 9 hours, where they couldn’t move due to the game they were playing.

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Red Light Green Light game in Squid Game

It has been reported by the eliminated participants that at least 10 players collapsed with fatigue on the first day of the shoot as they could not move for 30-minute stretches. Although medical attention was provided to the individuals who couldn’t stand the extreme cold, some contestants called the set a “warzone.”

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What did the contestants have to say about the show?

A still from Squid Games

Netflix denied all the allegations of the reality show being dangerous, saying that the show is completely safe, and the participants that received medical treatment were not serious and had minor injuries. However, the participants of the show have revealed that during the “Red Light Green Light” game, people were dropping like flies, but the production team didn’t pause the game. Moreover, a number of participants commented that the game was rigged, and several influencers who are a contestant in the show were pre-selected and moved on to the next round regardless of the result. Here’s what an anonymous participant had to say:

“The second time the song played, I saw in my left peripheral vision that this girl was swaying. Then she just buckled, and you could hear her head actually hit the ground. But then someone came on the [microphone] and said to hold our positions because the game is not paused. After that, people were dropping like flies.”

Jenny, another player residing outside the UK came to participate in the game and said the following:

“I’m infuriated by the narrative that Netflix is putting out there, that only [a few] people were injured…we were all injured just by going through that experience.”

“I’ve never been that cold for that long a period in my life. We couldn’t feel our feet or our toes. It was ridiculous,” she says. Jenny also claims that while the game was in production, restroom or water breaks weren’t allowed.

“Take some responsibility for the fact that you were ill-prepared for this kind of thing, with this number of people,” continues Jenny, between tears. “There were some things I guess [producers] didn’t think about, but when they saw the weather was going to be that way, they should have made adjustments.”

It is jaw-dropping to hear such comments from participants who have been eliminated from the show, and it is inhumane of Netflix to shoot in such poor conditions. They should have thought of the weather as well as maintained fairness in the reality show.

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Source: Variety

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