‘People’s obsession with serial killers is so weird’: Buyers Line Up to Buy Milwaukee Monster Jeffrey Dahmer’s Prison Glasses For Whopping $150K After Success of Netflix Series

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Every once in a while there’s this particular TV series or movie on streaming platforms that become the main talking point of the internet for weeks to come. The newest addition to that list is Netflix’s latest crime thriller based on Jeffrey Dahmer, the notorious American serial killer whose story is making the rounds on the internet right now.


Titled ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’, the TV series is the newest limited-run series from Netflix that tells us all about the bone-chilling events in Dahmer’s serial killing spree from the perspective of his victims. Unfortunately, Dahmer’s outrageous actions have garnered some weird obsession for the serial killer, and the obsession is getting ridiculous.

Jeffrey Dahmer FandomWire
Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer in the Netflix series

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Numbers Line Up For The Purchase Of Jeffrey Dahmer’s Prison Glasses

On the one side of the internet are people who have discovered a new-found disgust for Jeffrey Dahmer as the trending TV series skyrockets the life and wrongdoings of Dahmer into popularity.

Jeffrey Dahmer FandomWire
Dahmer’s prison glasses are currently up for sale at Cult Collectibles.

The disgusted section of the internet has rallied up behind Rita Isbell, the sister of Errol Lindsey, one of seventeen of Dahmer’s unlucky victims. Isbell has spoken out against Netflix’s sensationalization of Jeffrey Dahmer in a tweet that has now gained over 400,000 likes on the platform.

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There is, however, a separate crowd from above that has taken a liking to accessories that were once owned by the serial killer. These accessories, or memorabilia as termed by its current owner Taylor James, are currently up for sale in case anyone’s interested in buying them.

James runs Cult Collectibles, which sells a LOT of collectibles that are associated with Dahmer in one way or the other. One notable collectible that is currently being sold is Dahmer’s prison glasses which are currently up for sale at the whopping price of $150,000.

We’re pretty sure that having collectibles about your favorite things is a good idea, but possession of items that once belonged to a notoriously deplorable individual is definitely not a good look.


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The Increased Interest In Jeffrey Dahmer Memorabilia Disgusts Twitter

The reinvigorated interest in anything related to Jeffrey Dahmer is a work of Netflix’s newest TV series based on the serial killer. ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ has earned over 196.2 million hours watched ever since its September 21 release.

Jeffrey Dahmer FandomWire
Dahmer as shown in the Netflix series

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Public interest in Dahmer’s life has taken a step further with collectibles related to the serial killer being sold on Cult Collectibles at exorbitant prices, and there’s always a buyer. The sale of these items, however, has drawn negative reactions from people on Twitter, who are simply disgusted that people are even considering buying these items-

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It’s quite a relief to know that people are rallying against the select group of people who are, for some weird reason, collecting Dahmer’s items. And it’s not even free, thousands of dollars are being invested into buying these items and we can’t figure out why.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is now streaming on Netflix.

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