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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Author Confirms Disney+ Show Will Push Past Season 5, is Saving Major Greek Gods For Season 3 and Beyond

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Author Confirms Disney+ Show Will Push Past Season 5, is Saving Major Greek Gods For Season 3 and Beyond

Fans of the Percy Jackson & the Olympians book series are now well aware of the news that the characters are leaving the pages of books and are now going to be seen in action on the Disney+ show. Author Rick Riordan will be producing the series, making sure the streaming series lives up to the quality of the books. While the books have previously been adapted into movies, it was a rather unsuccessful attempt at bringing the characters to life. However, the Disney+ show already seems to be promising.

Author Rick Riordan
Author Rick Riordan

Now, Rick Riordan has stirred up the fans’ excitement a bit more. He has stated that six key gods from the books will be missing from season one of the series. However, fans need not worry as the producer has made it quite clear that the series will be going on for more than five seasons!

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Percy Jackson and the Missing Gods?

The first look at Percy Jackson and the Olympians
The first look at Percy Jackson and the Olympians

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On his official website, author and producer Rick Riordan revealed that about six gods will be missing from the first season of the upcoming Disney+ series. He stated that anyone who is a fan of the books knows that not all Olympian gods are seen in a cluster in just the first book. They are well thought out and planned, making the books quite an interesting read. This means that fans will have to wait to see all of the mythological deities in action.

I’d imagine everyone is curious about casting for the other Olympian gods. Ad you know from the books, if you’ve read the books, not all twelve Olympian gods appear in Book 1, so not all gods will appear in season one, nor have all gods been cast yet.”

He added that scripts have to be written season by season and actors thus get cast simultaneously. He makes quite a solid point as haste could very well be the downfall of the much-promising series. He further stated that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess, won’t probably be seen up until season three, and the same goes for Apollo and Artemis. Hestia, Hera, and Demeter on the other hand might make their entry in season five.

Well, talking about some certainty, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus will likely appear in season one. Additionally, Lin Manuel Miranda and Jason Mantzoukas have been cast as Hermes and Dionysus, respectively.

Why the Percy Jackson Movies Failed to Impress

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Percy Jackson & the Olympians movie
Percy Jackson & the Olympians movie

After the announcements regarding the Percy Jackson series were made, fans were skeptical at first. However, they soon found solace in the fact that Riordan himself will be a part of the production. The skepticism came from when the Percy Jackson movies failed to impress the audience. None of the two movies was able to surpass a 50% Rotten Tomatoes score. No wonder fans didn’t care about the adaptations.

As to why the movies didn’t perform, well there might be a few reasons. Mainly, the movies didn’t stay true to the source material. The books are incredibly rich and detailed, with complex characters and storylines. The movies streamlined all of that, making the world feel flat and the characters one-dimensional. To this add cheap-looking CGI and you have your answer.

Riordan himself wasn’t a fan of the movies. He once stated that he hadn’t seen the movies and doesn’t plan on doing so either. He simply judged them after reading the script as a story is what matters the most to him. He added that while it’s a couple of hours for fans, he felt like the movies were his entire life’s work going to waste. Even lead actor Logan Lerman believes that the books deserved a better adaptation.

Nevertheless, the Disney+ series has already seemed to convince fans that it has everything under control. With its well-thought-out plan of action and Riordan’s involvement, things are already looking good!

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is set to release on Disney+ in 2024.

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