Percy Jackson And The Olympians: 5 Things New Fans Need To Know


The news about Disney+ giving the go signal for Percy Jackson and The Olympians had fans cheering and rejoicing all around the world. With the series author Rick Riordan announcing the TV adaptation, fans both old and new will now have the chance to fulfill their demigod dreams.

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For fans who would like to delve into the Percy Jackson series, here is an introduction to the world of Greek demigods and monsters. It may look like a bit of work at first, but it is going to be fun, enjoyable, and worthy in the end!


Greek Mythology

Percy Jackson Gods

Everyone knows that this series is all about Greek myths and legends. Having a background in classical Greek mythology will help viewers figure out terms and definitions. It is also important to note the names of other Greek creatures and monsters, such as the Centaurs and the Furies.


The story is, of course, set in modern times. It is basically a retelling of the old Greek tales. There are twists and turns to fit the 21st-century narrative; regardless, it is a good overview of the fascinating world of Greek mythology.

Book Series

Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase


The Percy Jackson series comprises five books: The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan’s Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, and The Last Olympian. Each book focuses on different quests but still features the three main characters.

These books are essential to fans who would like to dive deep into the story. The first installment, The Lightning Thief, will give the basic premise of the entire series. There will be lots of characters here so it is highly recommended to read the source material.


The Camp Half-Blood

Camp Half-Blood

The Camp Half-Blood is the training ground and safe haven of the demigods. It is hidden from the mortal eyes, and it is protected by a barrier that keeps evil creatures at bay. The camp is sorted into different cabins that serve as a home for each demigod. Imagine Harry Potter’s Hogwarts and the different houses!


All children from a single Greek deity gather together under one cabin. Think of it as a cool summer camp where you and your demigod siblings hang out and fight each other!

Movie Adaptations

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters


There are only two movie adaptations to the series. Despite the hype of the franchise, both of them underperformed at the box office. Clearly, they are not as bad as fans imagine, but the many changes and inaccuracies really did the damage.

Regardless, new fans are still encouraged to watch the previous adaptations just to get a feel of the series. Disney+ will completely make a 180-degree turn from these and start from the beginning.


Other Series Within The PJ&O Universe

Kane Chronicles-1

Aside from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, there are also other franchises related to it. The Kane Chronicles, The Heroes of Olympus, The Trials of Apollo, and Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard are some of Riordan’s other works. It is not required to read all of these books, but it is highly recommended.


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