Phantom Abyss Gets a Launch Date After More Than 2 Years of Early Access

It took a long time, but the game is finally getting a proper release.

Phantom Abyss Gets a Launch Date After More Than 2 Years of Early Access


  • Phantom Abyss had been in Early Access for more than two years.
  • The asynchronous multiplayer game finally has a release date.
  • Version 1.0 will introduce numerous new features and modes.
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Things are looking up for Xbox fans, with the year kicking off with the excellent news that Phantom Abyss will become available in its complete initial form very soon. For more than two years, the asynchronous multiplayer title had been in Early Access, and a lot of players had been enjoying the game while waiting for its official launch. The temple plundering video game has now received an actual release date, and it will not be long before its Version 1.0 hits the Xbox Game Pass and PC.


With more than 1,700 “Very Positive” reviews on Steam, all thanks to the Early Access version, it is about time Phantom Abyss finally gets a proper release.

Phantom Abyss Finally Has a January 2024 Release Date

The asynchronous multiplayer title called Phantom Abyss is finally launching soon.
The asynchronous multiplayer title called Phantom Abyss is finally launching soon.

To put the extensive wait that the fans of Phantom Abyss have had to go through for the official release date, the game became available in its Early Access more than two years ago, on June 22, 2021, and since then, it has garnered a dedicated player base and excellent reviews. Players of the asynchronous multiplayer title have to avoid traps as they navigate their way through various temples and shrines to survive.


Its proper Version 1.0 will finally be launched on the Xbox Series X/S and Game Pass, with a simultaneous PC release through Steam and the Humble Store later this month, on January 25.

The highly anticipated official announcement about the Phantom Abyss release date was shared on Steam by developer Team WIBY and publisher Devolver Digital a few days ago, on January 4. Knowing that fans had been waiting for way too long for the game’s proper launch, the team wasted no space in announcing that Version 1.0 will finally come out in just a couple of weeks.

The game will be “transitioning from Early Access and into 1.0,” which also means that it will consist of some new features that are not available in the current version.


According to the post on Steam about the Phantom Abyss release date, the developer and publisher are promising “a slew of” numerous fresh elements that will be added to the game through Version 1.0. These will include a revamped “Adventure Mode” that will consist of various new “temples and secrets” that players will be able to explore and “uncover.” Moreover, the team has also made some “changes to the core Abyss Mode,” and there is a lot more to look forward to.

Phantom Abyss Gets a Teaser to Celebrate Version 1.0

Phantom Abyss is finally coming out with its Version 1.0 on January 25 and will have new features.
Phantom Abyss is finally coming out with Version 1.0 on January 25 and will have new features.

Along with the release date announcement for Phantom Abyss, publisher Devolver Digital also shared an official Version 1.0 Launch teaser trailer on its official YouTube channel to get fans even more hyped up.

Phantom Abyss | Version 1.0 Launch | January 25


In the description of the trailer, the publisher announced that Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play the game with their subscription on January 25 as well. The first confirmed new feature is called the Adventure Mode Overhaul, which gives “explorers a choice of a series of temples to explore,” with the cherry on top being exclusive relics, whips, and challenges specific to each area.

The second confirmed upcoming feature in Phantom Abyss Version 1.0 is a New Abyss Mode, which was basically known as Classic Mode during the Early Access phase of the game. This was the “core” experience of the title, according to the publisher, in which players are thrown into temples and have to make it “through all four areas” that each temple consists of. Every one of these temples has a specific “relic at the end,” so getting to the finish line comes with its perks.

The multiplayer elements of Phantom Abyss make their entrance here, as out of the total number of players per game, just “one person will ever complete each temple,” so gamers will have to ensure that they skillfully manage their time and actions to be the last one standing at the end. Finally, the third fresh feature is called Whip Changes, which means that whips will not be carrying “curses” now.


Instead, Phantom Abyss players will have to unlock them by completing the Adventure Mode, and other skins for the whips will come as rewards for carrying out certain “player op-in challenges.” The team has a lot more “in store for the Version 1.0 launch,” and it “can’t wait” to show it all off.

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