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Philippines Based Artist Creates Anime Fused With Urban Culture

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Van Goathe is a Philippines-based artist who fell in love with art when he actually realized that there aren’t

any rules in painting or creating art.

One can easily express himself without any hurdles and hesitation. According to Goathe, Anime is

also a form of art that entertains people.

In an interview, Van said that he has always been in love with anime since he was in the grade

school as he compared the story-line and morals lessons to real life.

Moreover, he is attracted to anime in the sketching of the characters, and he loves fusing anime with


When Goathe was asked what he looks to accomplish with his art.

He answered that as he has grown in a place where people judge you if you have pursued art as a

profession”, and they think that you won’t achieve success in life.

But for Van Goathe, this is his profession now, and sooner or later, he wants his very own high-

quality vogue clothing brand.

Thus FandomWire has decided to compile a list of fantastic Anime characters fused with awesome

fashion clothes.

Sounds fashionable let’s hop into it!

1 Hipster Samurai:


2 Mob Psycho:


3 Otaku Bento Club:

IMG 1064

4 Hip-Hop:

IMG 1202

5 Street-wear Fused With Modern Notoriety:


6 The Dapper Style:

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7 Dope Worrier:

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8 A New Badass Clothing Line:

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9 Uzumaki:

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10 The Demon-Slayer-Anime:



Source: vangoathe


Written by FandomWire Staff

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