Pirates Of The Caribbean: 5 Favorite Scenes According To Reddit

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Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most successful and top-grossing blockbuster films in the history of movie entertainment. Disney managed to create one of the best storylines and most iconic characters that fans have loved.



It would be difficult to choose one ultimate favorite scene from all five installments because each one gave us so many memorable parts. From Jack Sparrow’s crazy adventures to Captain Barbossa’s expeditions, there are so many amazing scenes! To make it easier, we gathered some responses from Reddit fans who shared their favorite scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean.



Jack Sparrow And The Kraken

Jack Sparrow Kraken

Many times, we saw Jack run from his problems. He never faced any of them, and he always drags someone into the mess to save himself. However, his battle with the Kraken brought out the courage in him.



Only the sad part of it is Jack getting dragged with the Black Pearl down to the depths of the ocean. Reddit user dontyoumindgang thinks, “Jack grows fearless in his final standoff with the Kraken,” and we couldn’t agree more.


Will And Elizabeth’s Wedding


Everyone has been waiting for the day when Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann will tie their knot. Unfortunately, fate decided to ruin their special day most horrifically. But, when two people love each other, time and place do not matter anymore.



They decided to get married on the ship and in the middle of a fight. Reddit fan scotiej thinks it is the “most romantic thing” ever.



Jack Sparrow And The Black Pearl

Jack Sparrow Black Pearl

It is a given truth that Jack loves his Black Pearl ship ardently, and he is so attached to it on a spiritual level. It has always been with him in all of his journeys, but prior to the events in On Stranger Tides, the ship was trapped in a bottle.



Jack couldn’t do anything but stare at it while longing to watch it sail again. Reddit user gibbeted-Jauntist calls it a “super sad moment” and there can be no other words to describe that scene but that.


Captain Barbossa And His Crew Under The Moonlight

Captain Barbossa Moonlight


The Curse of the Black Pearl gave the audience an authentic Pirates of the Caribbean movie experience. It’s no wonder why it is hailed as the best one. As the main villain in the story, Captain Barbossa is everything that a fan can wish for. But, what truly made him more convincing as an antagonist is shown in one singular scene.


During the dead of the night when the moon shone brightly on them, Captain Barbossa and his crew revealed their true selves in the form of skeletal bodies. Reddit fan greg225 thinks this is one of the best because “Geoffrey Rush completely owns every scene he’s in.”



Jack Sparrow’s Entrance

Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow ShipThere’s something about this particular scene that captures the entire personality of Jack Sparrow. First, we see him heading a large ship. Then, a few seconds later, the ship is on the verge of sinking. 

And before the vessel totally drowns, Jack stood with his whole dignity on its mast until his foot touches the dock. Reddit fan gatheloc thinks it is “a perfect and frankly, hilarious, introduction to the absurdity of the character.”


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