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Pirates Of The Caribbean: Quotes From Characters That Contradict Their Personality

Pirates Of The Caribbean Quotes From Characters That Contradict Their Personality

The characters of the popular swashbuckler film Pirates of the Caribbean are brimming with diverse and multifaceted personalities. From the clever yet mischievous Captain Jack Sparrow to the brave and cunning Elizabeth Swann, each character is iconic in their own ways.

As the story develops, these characters have undergone major changes and maturity. In this list are characters with their own lines contradicting their personalities.

Davy Jones: “Ten Years I Looked After Those Who Died At Sea.”

Davy Jones Pirates of the Caribbean

Davy Jones is known to be one of the most terrifying villains in the movie. His tentacled face and sinister spirit only add to the eeriness. He is cold, cruel, and has an insatiable taste for violence. He is bound to the Flying Dutchman because of an age-old curse.

But this line above completely opposes his character. It means that he cared for the sailors who died at sea. There is still the human inside him.

Carina Smyth: “Fine, Then I Will Apologize.”

Carina Smyth Pirates of the Caribbean

As an astronomer and horologist, Carina knows a lot about science and is an expert in many things. This kind of woman, in the olden times, is considered by men as a witch, but she is just actually a bright and talented person.

Being stubborn and sarcastic comes naturally for intelligent people. This line, however, also proved that she can also accept being wrong.

Henry Turner: “I’m Not In Love With Her.”

Henry Turner

Henry is the epitome of being ‘his father’s son’. He shares a lot of good traits with Will Turner and they both are willing to sacrifice themselves for the ones they love. He literally exudes kindness and love.

It is obvious that he feels so much love for Carina despite the fact that he mentioned this line. Henry is the kind of guy who always cares for others.

Will Turner: “I Said To Myself, Think Like Jack.”

Will Turner Pirates of the Caribbean

Of all the characters in the film, Will is the most honest and genuine person with so much hero potential. He values honor and dignity, and he keeps his promises as if his life depends on them.

Jack Sparrow is his total opposite, and wanting to be like Jack is like a death wish. But of course, he used Jack’s wittiness as his last resort to free his father.

Jack Sparrow: “She’s Just A Ship, Mate.”

Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean

Everyone knows this is a lie. Jack Sparrow loves the Black Pearl so much he risked everything to take it back. It’s his most precious possession, and seeing the ship sink and crush under the depths of the ocean just broke his heart.

He probably just said this to ease the pain and trick his mind into thinking it’s just a piece of wood.

Elizabeth Swann: “Because I Was Afraid That You Were A Pirate.”

Elizabeth Swann

Her character development in Pirates of the Caribbean started as a young, naïve girl who always seeks for help and slowly turned into a fearless and cunning pirate. At first, she was only fascinated by the idea of it but when she fell in love with Will and discovered his true nature, things started to change.

The people hated pirates and she knew that pursuing a relationship with one will take away her position and her family’s honor.

Written by Ariane Cruz

Content writer at FandomWire.