Planet of Lana Review (Xbox)

A vibrant and wholesome platformer you can't afford to ignore.

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There are few platformers that promise the idea of diverse challenges, intricate level design, and art direction that calms the child within you. With such innocence, Planet of Lana brings a vibrant world to life that isn’t afraid of keeping things simple yet feeling confident about it.


Games like Limbo and Ori and the Will of the Wisps have always held a special place in my heart, especially when I crave a side-scroller that brings a tear to the eye. Planet of Lana successfully tells a story without saying much. With an adorable companion by your side and a young girl who’s making sense of a planet that’s starting to feel overwhelmed, this game should easily be on your to-game list.

Planet of Lana is available on Xbox Game Pass, along with Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.


Keep Moving, There Are Even More Picturesque Sequences to Ahead!

From the very first frame till the end, Planet of Lana proves something essential. It’s a game crafted from the heart, and every inch of it is visible through its vibrant art direction. The bright greens of the day and the purple hues of dusk, with the coldness visible in the world’s darkness… the game mixes and matches a color palette that makes it unforgettable.

What adds to this are the gentle and much-appreciated animations. The young girl moves, crouches, jumps, and interacts with grace, often adding tranquillity to the game’s gorgeous environments. The beings around you move at their own pace, including deadly machines that show no signs of mercy.

Planet of Lana game
The game’s rich world often hides its underlying demons, revealing them slowly.

Planet of Lana’s soundtrack is equally mesmerizing. Throughout my playtime, I could barely keep my eyes (and ears) away from the game’s carefully knitted audio and visual experience. Especially when it shifted from moments of extreme silence to sequences of panic and anxiety.


Platforms, Puzzles, and Mui

Planet of Lana game review
The challenges may seem simple at first, but test you in ways you wouldn’t comprehend at first.

The developers have done a remarkable job of blending different aspects of the game. For instance, you’ll be walking across a platform, admiring your surroundings, when suddenly the camera pans out and shows you what you’re really up against. A daunting landscape awaits you, with not-so-nice AI right around the corner.

I managed to sneak and crawl into tiny spaces, move boxes, jump, make use of ropes; anything and everything the game provided me with. Often, my vicinity proved to be my only weapon against enemies.

Out of everything, my favorite part of Planet of Lana has to be Mui, the extremely adorable little friend you make at an early point in your adventure. Mui is cute. Mui is pettable. Mui makes your heart feel warm and cozy. Mui is the reason you make it through the game.

Planet of Lana game
You can pet Mui!

As I explored the different puzzles and landscapes in the game, Mui was there to help me out with almost everything. I could direct Mui to sneak and get to a platform that was inaccessible to me. Furthermore, the little one would even help me with ropes, ledges, and other ways of getting across difficult platforms.

It fills my heart with joy knowing that the developers spent so much time getting Mui’s sound, animations, and movement right. Mui resembles a little cat who has the energy of a Golden Retriever and manages to help you out no matter when you require assistance.

Even though some of the puzzles felt a little repetitive after a while, I was pleasantly distracted by how the narrative moved forward, keeping me glued to the overall experience.


Is Planet of Lana Good?

Planet of Lana game
I managed to fall to my demise plenty of times, thanks to the distracting and beautiful landscapes that made me go, ‘Woah!’

Take a break. No, truly, take a break from the adrenaline-filled games that pump your heart and rot your brain. Instead, meditate with Planet of Lana. This game will appeal to everyone who’s looking for an excellent platformer that paints an endangered world on a canvas built by developers who love the genre.

Even if you’re not big on puzzle-solving platformers, Planet of Lana is a game that will leave you with a wonderful afterthought, without demanding much of your time. The entire game takes between 4-6 hours, and its availability on Xbox Game Pass is more the reason to give it a go.

I faced no problems running it on my Xbox Series S, except for a few sequences where the frames dropped a little. As I write this, I’m still surprised how the relatively small team at Wishfully Studios managed to make something so breathtaking. Indie games are starting to take over, and I’m all for it.


Planet of Lana – 9/10


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