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“Play-Doh Through a Garlic Press”: Marvel VFX Supervisor Reveals How Kevin Feige Got the Idea for Mister Fantastic’s Spaghetti Dismemberment

The Marvel Studios President has a hand in all pies, including the death of Mister Fantastic, it seems. The VFX supervisor for the Sam Raimi-directed film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, has revealed that Kevin Feige had taken the creative liberty to directly come up with the Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic’s death scene in the Phase 4 MCU movie.

MCU Illuminati
MCU Illuminati

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Given that the shadow organization of the Illuminati needs a thorough looking into and pitched for more screentime for upcoming Marvel films, their introduction, however gruesome, was much too short-lived and uninspired.

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The Epitome of All Mister Fantastic Versions in the Multiverse

For a long time, the idea of the multiverse has been played around and teased by Marvel execs and the brilliant studio president. Whatever the reason for the long wait, it has been well worth it. Beginning with Into the Spider-verse and landing at Multiverse of Madness, the multiversal collapse in both movies as well as in Spider-Man: No Way Home has shown us the dangers in traversing beyond one’s own dimension and the havoc it can wreak.

Mister Fantastic
Earth-838 introduces the Illuminati member, Mr. Fantastic

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But the upside to the multiverse coming alive is that fans can dream wild about all their supposed heroes and the unlimited versions of the existing ones throughout other universes. Fans have done exactly that and questioned the superior models of the smartest guy or the strongest Hulk or the most powerful Scarlet Witch across the multiverse within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


It seems Feige has finally answered the prayers and revealed who the smartest Mister Fantastic really is. John Krasinski’s casting was a fan favorite choice and even though he is currently dead in the Earth-838 universe, it will be a joy to see his portrayal of the enigmatic Reed Richards on screen in the future.

Mister Fantastic
John Krasinski as Reed Richards

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The Gruesome End of the Illuminati

It was surprising how the best versions of the strongest and most powerful superheroes were so quickly desecrated by a dream-walking Wanda Maximoff. The Doctor Strange sequel has since established that Scarlet Witch is by far the most ruthless of them all, and it shows in the death scene of the Fantastic Four frontman, Mister Fantastic.


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Julian Foddy, the film’s VFX supervisor, explained how the death scene was not written by Michael Waldron or directed by Sam Raimi but came from the boss Kevin Feige himself:

“The starting point, there was some reference that was passed to us by Janek Sirrs directly from Kevin Feige. It was someone passing a lump of modeling clay or Play-doh through a garlic press. Janek also had some reference of the Play-doh ‘Barber Shop’ toy, which was a little figure with holes in the head and you’d turn a handle and the Play-doh would come out. That was the kind of look we were going for.”

Wanda Maximoff v the Illuminati
Wanda Maximoff v the Illuminati

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Of course, the real problem lay in making the scene look PG-13, keeping within the guidelines and set regulations of Marvel and Disney productions. Foddy further revealed,

“Making it feel like organic material and getting the right amount of flex and balance to the strings, as they come off, was quite a technical challenge. There were cheats, because if you were to actually shred a real human being in such a way, there would be an awful lot of flesh and blood. Of course, this is a Marvel movie and we don’t want to be too gruesome.”

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