Playing Pennywise in Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Left a Huge Emotional Toll on Bill Skarsgård’s Mental Health, Reveals he Felt “Isolated” by Other Actors on Set 

Playing Pennywise in Stephen King's 'IT' Left a Huge Emotional Toll on Bill Skarsgård's Mental Health, Reveals he Felt "Isolated" by Other Actors on Set 

Bill Skarsgård delivered a chilling and memorable performance as the sinister Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. His portrayal of the iconic character brought a new level of terror and creepiness, leaving a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.

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Bill Skarsgard
Bill Skarsgård

Bill Skarsgård has revealed that his experience filming Stephen King’s IT was the most isolating film shoot he has ever been a part of. Despite the child actors forming strong bonds and becoming lifelong friends, Skarsgård, who portrays the killer clown, felt isolated throughout the movie.


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How Filming IT Affected Bill Skarsgård Mental Health

Bill Skarsgård expressed that portraying Pennywise in IT was a solitary journey for him. However, the child actors from The Losers’ Club have a contrasting perspective, describing their time filming the movie as the “most memorable summer” filled with cherished friendships that continue to endure.


“No doubt, this is definitely going to be one of the greatest, most unforgettable life experiences I have ever had and will ever have,” Grazer said in a behind-the-scenes companion book to the film. “We’re all best friends off-camera. Life-long friends.” 

Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise
Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise

On the other hand, Skarsgård found it challenging to develop lasting friendships on set due to the intimidating presence of his character, Pennywise. According to reports, the fear factor associated with his portrayal made it difficult for others to engage in casual conversations or form close bonds with the actor.

“It was certainly the loneliest film shoot I’ve ever done,” he tells NME. “I was so isolated… I was in this very uncomfortable make-up and suit. So I very much kept to myself. My co-workers were all kids, and they got really tight and became best friends on the shoot… while I felt really isolated and lonely,” said Skarsgård.

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Bill Skarsgård scared everyone on the sets

Not only did young co-actors face difficulty interacting with Skarsgård, but even the crew members behind the scenes found it challenging to engage with him. Bárbara Muschietti, the producer of IT, expressed the overwhelming impact of seeing the actor in his full clown costume, which created a powerful presence that affected everyone involved in the production.

Bill Skarsgard as Nightmare
Bill Skarsgard – Pennywise

“Seeing Bill in costume was overpowering. When he first showed up on set in full costume, it was horrible actually, because I couldn’t talk to him. And I’m not particularly scared of anyone. I’m 5’10. I’m not a small person. But he was so massive and overpowering, and he would look down on you, sometimes with yellow eyes, sometimes with blue eyes. It was very hard to talk to him. Bill is the best, and he’s a buddy, so he’d come over and ask about the pizza last night. I was like, ‘please leave me alone.'”

IT is available for streaming on Netflix.


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