“As we close the doors…”: As PlayStation’s London Studio Closes its Doors, Fans Take a Second to Remember the Cult Classic Games They Gave Us

The current industry crisis has claimed another victim.

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  • PlayStation London Studio posted their last goodbye to the fans on X.
  • Sony confirmed last month that it would be closing down this studio for good.
  • Fans thanked the studio and the team for the good memories with games like The Getaway: Black Monday, SingStar, and many others.
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Last month, another big studio confirmed that it would be closing its doors for good. Today the team of the studio posted its latest goodbye for the fans; PlayStation London Studio has been shut down. This studio made games like SingStar, Eyetoy, Beats, The Getaway: Black Monday, and many more. 


The fans quickly responded to the post, thanking the team for the great games and the memories. Many fans of the VR experience praised the studio’s proficiency in creating this particular type of title, which was not as popular among players.

PlayStation London Studio Said its Final Goodbyes to the Fans

PlayStation London Studio is closing down and said the final goodbye to the fans.
PlayStation London Studio is closing down, saying the final goodbye to the fans.

Since 2023, the industry has suffered a major change that has cost more than 20,000 jobs so far. Several studios were closed down, or hundreds of employees were let go from different companies to cut costs. Apparently, this is far from over, but today one of these studios that were closed down posted the latest goodbye for the fans.


PlayStation London Studio is the creator of popular franchises like SingStar.

Sony confirmed last month that it would be making some changes and closing down numerous studios, one of which was the London studio. This developer has been more focused on VR games in the last couple of years, with games like Blood & Truth, among others.



The studio never made it to PS5, and Sony never totally understood how to use the resources from this particular team that has a lot of experience in different kinds of titles.

Thanks for the Memories with Games Like SingStar

With games like SingStar and The Getaway Black Monday, this PlayStation studio brought some good titles.
With games like SingStar and The Getaway Black Monday, this PlayStation studio brought some good titles.

The company mentioned how they had been working with Sony for more than 20 years, with amazing games and talented people in the industry.



They thank the fans for the wonderful years and reception. To this heartfelt message, the fans quickly responded with good vibes and messages thanking the team for the great memories with titles like The Getaway Black Monday, SingStar, Eye Toy, and others.



PlayStation London Studio also worked on the first real projects for the MOVE controller that were introduced in the PS3 generation; the company made titles like Wonderbook or Eye Pet.

One of the most popular PlayStation Home titles, a Second Life-style title that was free with the PS3, was where players could create their own character and interact with other people around the world in the same virtual space.


There is not a clear strategy from Sony. PlayStation is trying to sell more games than consoles, and thanks to the release of exclusives on PC, the company has made titles much more profitable than ever. 

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