PlayStation Portal Comes Into the 21st Century after Latest Update Makes it Useful for All

PlayStation released a new update for the PlayStation Portal and the fans are delighted.

playstation portal


  • PlayStation still cares about the PS Portal and will roll out a new update to make it more usable.
  • The gaming community initially had mix feelings about Sony's latest handheld device.
  • The PlayStation Portal is much more accessible with the use of public Wi-FI after the latest update.
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PlayStation is one of the strongest brands in gaming and the company wanted to make it even more accessible through handheld devices. Remote play has ushered in a new era where the gaming community can stream their games on a tiny device and Sony gave them the best option.


In a recent blog, Sony is about to give the PlayStation Portal a much-needed upgrade that will make it even more usable and convenient with the use of public Wi-Fi. The idea is to play PS5 games away from the console or on the go and this update will make that vision achievable.

The Newest Update for the PlayStation Portal Is Quite Revolutionary

Sony is about to give the gaming community a reason why the PlayStation handheld is worth grabbing.
Sony is about to give the gaming community a reason why the PlayStation handheld is worth grabbing.

Gaming handhelds are all the rage nowadays and Sony took a different approach with this device. Rather than have games run natively on the hardware on board, its sole purpose is to only stream the gameplay from the console through a stable internet connection which has its pros and cons.


Fortunately, a new job listing seems to suggest that Sony is becoming more ambitious with an upcoming PlayStation handheld that can play games natively and potentially from other system architectures.

Until then, people who purchased the current handheld device will have to make do with the latest update and Sony included some necessary quality-of-life improvements. Among the new features is being able to connect to public Wi-Fi and while some have figured out a way to make the most of it, this new feature will make it far more convenient.

This new update will make the device far more usable than it initially was. Many were disappointed that it was not a direct successor to the PS Vita or the PSP which was way ahead of its time but there are still some things to marvel at with this handheld device.


The PlayStation Portal Is About to Live Up to Its Namesake

The newest update could drive up the sales of the PlayStation Portal.
The newest update could drive up the sales of the PlayStation Portal.

Sony has had a few hits and misses with other first-party devices and accessories but is starting to make some headway. The PS VR 2 will soon be able to directly connect with PCs and play VR games via an official adapter which would make this device far more appealing to the gaming community.

It is high time for the company to give these devices the attention they deserve and make it easier to convince the gaming community of its use. Perhaps this will be the first of many more updates that will improve the performance of the Portal and will convince the average consumer to invest in more accessories.

The idea of being able to use the Portal on the go just became more convenient with this new update that supports public Wi-Fi better than it did before and will be one step closer to the vision of playing PS5 games without any hassle.


Sony’s vision could bring forth a new era of quality gaming at the palm of the hands of players. Perhaps with more updates and patches, the device will become a necessity rather than an option for the gamng community.

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