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PlayStation President Talks PS5 Price

PlayStation President Talks PS5 Price

The new PS5 has generated quite a bit of a stir.

With it’s all the ongoing memes and posts on social media, here we have the PlayStation President saying a few words.

What did the company say?

The new console

The release of the much-anticipated console was held on June 11th.

Sony didn’t exclusively announce the price but a retail store called Play Asia put it up for sale at an expensive rate of $700.

Jim Ryan vaguely addressed this by stating that “they want to get the value equation right”.

What to expect?


The president, Jim Ryan had previously mentioned that the PS5 was going to be one of the pricer models.

He didn’t allude to the exact price but told us that it was going to be expensive.

The PS5 is priced at $700 but it probably won’t be sold at that.

The best guess is that it will be priced $500 since the PS3 was priced at $600 which the company later regretted.

However, this business is recession-proof as it has proven again and again.

What are we missing?

the new controller
The new controller

It is typically a marketing strategy for the end digits to be 99 as it is found that people don’t generally buy products if the end digits are 50.

Thus, it is suspected that the price will be $500 or $499 and not $550.

We love the new design and can’t wait to get our hands on the new PS5. Let’s hope we can do that soon in this pandemic., 

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