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PlayStation Showcase: Project Q Finally Gets Officially Revealed

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Confirmation of the existence of Project Q, Sony’s forthcoming, long-rumored handheld device, was finally given during the recent PlayStation Showcase event. Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, made the announcement towards the end of the presentation. The device is set to launch later this year and will enable users to stream games from their PS5 console using remote play over Wi-Fi. Internally referred to as “Project Q,” it features an 8-inch HD screen and incorporates all the buttons and features of the DualSense wireless controller. Sony have also stated that it plans to provide more information about the device in the near future.

Project Q stands out from traditional gaming handhelds as it combines a PlayStation controller with an 8-inch screen, making it a unique departure from the typical form factor of devices like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally. In terms of design, it shares similarities with the recently announced Backbone One PlayStation Edition smartphone controller. Project Q is classified as a PS5 accessory or peripheral.

The device represents Sony’s belief in the future of remote gaming and joins the ranks of cloud gaming systems. It showcases a 1080p screen resolution with 60fps playback, streaming games directly from the user’s PlayStation 5. The controller offers all the advanced features of the DualSense, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

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How does Project Q fit in?

According to Jim Ryan, Project Q is a testament to the widespread appeal and impressive capabilities of the PS5 console. As the global development community continues to explore and maximize the PS5’s advanced features, Sony is committed to expanding that to incorporate the handheld and peripheral market. This investment extends to cutting-edge hardware offerings such as PlayStation VR2, as well as the recently unveiled Project Q, which both hope to demonstrate Sony’s dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering innovative gaming experiences.

They really ought to come up with a better name than Project Q.
They really ought to come up with a better name than Project Q.

Furthermore, their expansion into PC, mobile, and live service gaming is allowing for more accessibility and enjoyment of the company’s content across different platforms. Additional details, including the price and an official name for the “Q”, will apparently be revealed at some point in the near future.

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During the event, Sony also announced “PlayStation’s first-ever official wireless earbuds.” These earbuds promise lossless, low-latency audio specifically tuned for gaming. They are standard earbuds, capable of connecting to a PC or smartphone as well. Given Sony’s reputable track record in the headphone market, the sound quality of these is expected to be excellent.

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