PlayStation Set to Dip Back into LEGO, but Is it a New Game, or Another Gigantic Set to Build?

Famous RPG IP of PlayStation, Horizon, might be tied up with LEGO for a game.

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  • PlayStation is reportedly going to collaborate with LEGO for one of its IPs.
  • According to a credible insider, this collaborating IP is going to be the popular action-adventure RPG series Horizon.
  • Previously, Horizon collaborated with LEGO in 2022 to bring a 1200+-piece physical LEGO set.
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Xbox right now might be in turmoil, but PlayStation is doing business on a roll. The Microsoft console company is going through a rough phase after closing four of its internal studios, as well as a huge penalty for infringing patents. However, its arch-rival is completely on a different page.


As things stand, Sony is reportedly going to collaborate with LEGO. Many viable insiders and leakers have claimed it; it might be an IP owned by Sony.

PlayStation to Possibly Collaborate with LEGO

PlayStation's next rumored collaboration sounds interesting.
PlayStation’s next rumored collaboration sounds interesting.

Recently, credible leaker Kurakasis stated that Sony is going to do something with LEGO. And it’s going to be a popular IP for the console company. Although he is not sure if it’s going to be a game or a game-themed bundle.


On the other hand, another famous industry insider, Tom Henderson, has joined the party and claimed, mentioning the statement of Kurakasis, that this collaboration is going to be with the popular action-adventure RPG series Horizon.


Henderson went on to say that, from his understanding, it was going to be a full fledged game. The fun doesn’t end here. He has also claimed that the trailer for this speculated title is ready and can be published at any time by the developers. There can also be a possibility of a showcase, where the trailer might be revealed.

If the rumors come true, then there’s going to be a new game in 2022. In that year, we saw the arrival of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. However, there is also an expansion of Fortnite collaborating with the brand, but that’s not a full-fledged gaming title.

The Previous Crossover Between these two Entities

The Horizon: Zero Dawn LEGO set included over 1200 pieces.
The Horizon: Zero Dawn set included over 1200 pieces.

The hit series is one of the few Sony franchises to have a physical LEGO crossover with an exciting 1200+ piece Tallneck set, which was released in 2022. This set included the series protagonist Aloy and a Watcher as well. Sadly, this themed set was discontinued at the end of 2023.


The long-hailed RPG series already boasts two main installments: Zero Dawn and Forbidden West. There is also a spin-off VR title named Call of the Mountain. The franchise also features a live-action TV series, which is right now in the writing phase under PlayStation Productions for Netflix.

These rumors fuel the flame of speculation about a Sony showcase. As of now, there is no confirmation of it by Sony, but after previous claims from many insiders and with this new rumor, there are high chances that we are going to witness this event in May 2024. Although there is still a dilemma about whether this event is going to be a showcase or a State of Play.

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