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PlayStation Showcase: 505 Games Show Hectic and Exciting ‘GhostRunner II’ Cinematic Trailer, Showing Open-World Traversal

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The dust is starting to settle after the barrage of new information from the PlayStation Showcase, and fans are able to now start digesting exactly what was seen and announced, including some new information for 505 Games’ GhostRunner II! There were some expected reveals in the new footage for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, as well as some less than expected announcements in the Metal Gear Solid: Master Collection Vol. 1 and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater remake and remaster.

GhostRunner – Where It All Started

Ghostrunner II

GhostRunner was well-received upon it’s release in 2020, and found even more fans upon it’s addition to Sony’s PlayStationPlus service in 2022. For those unaware, GhostRunner is what you get if you cross Mirror’s Edge with Dark Souls. A parkour enthusiast’s dream, you’ll spend your time as Jack, the gruff and relatively silent ninja running across walls, through hatches and vents, down slopes and more as you attempt to climb Dharma Tower, humanity’s last bastion of hope and survival.

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As well as being able to free-run, you’re also able to slow down time via a mechanic called Sensory Boost, which definitely comes in handy when you’re trying to platform whilst surrounded by various enemies trying to shoot you. The reason this can be compared to Dark Souls is simple, it’s a one-hit kill game. Kill them first.

GhostRunner II – What Do We Know?

The sequel looks to take up where the first one finished, with Jack having destroyed both Mara and the Architect, and allowing humanity to ‘choose its own destiny’. Set a year on, the trailer shows everything we expected and more, with the usual free-running, grappling etc we grew to love in the first one, but this time with the added abilities to push enemies to their death, as some sort of Star Wars force like move, as well as what looks like more of an open world, with the player hopefully able to ride that motorcycle we see in the trailer.

Ghostrunner II

If this is indeed the case, the game will be moving away from it’s predecessor’s constrained environments and to something bigger and potentially better, allowing for much more player inventiveness to get from A to B.

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Perhaps what most fans of the game weren’t expecting was the inclusion of a new dialogue system, potentially indicating a more RPG-lite approach to the gameplay, which allows the player to converse with NPC’s in the central hub of the game, outside of missions. This certainly sounds like an RPG-lite experience to us.

Ghostrunner II

Towards the end of the trailer we get a glimpse at what does look like gameplay, compared to the cinematic first two-thirds, and it closes out with a robotic looking character that could be friend or foe, we’ll have to wait to find that out. Unfortunately a concrete release date wasn’t announced and instead we’re left with a very wide ‘2023’, but with only half the year left, it’d stand to reason that 505 would want to avoid the busy and high-quality release winter schedule, so maybe we’ll see it sooner than expected?

Are you excited by GhostRunner II? 

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