“Pretty huge win if you haven’t played it”: PlayStation’s PS Plus Lineup Revealed, and 1 Game Will Prepare You for 2025’s Biggest Release

Monster Hunter Rise is a fan favorite in the franchise.

Playstation pls plus


  • Monster Hunter: Rise is one of the latest additions to the PS Plus catalog for the month of June.
  • For anyone who hasn't played it, Rise is a great way to enter the series of thrilling monster hunting adventures.
  • It is the best way to prepare for the next installment in the franchise, Monster Hunter Wilds, which is set to release in 2025.
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Sony has added 14 new titles to its PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium game tiers. It is undoubtedly a strong lineup that comes with titles such as Crusader 3, Anno 1800, Football Manager 2024, and Far Cry 4, while nostalgia runs deep with classic titles like Ghosthunter and Daxter.


However, one game stands out when you look into the list, Monster Hunter: Rise. Released in 2021, if you haven’t played it until this point in time, now is a great moment to enter the series, as this one will prepare you for one of the biggest 2025 launches, Monster Hunter Wilds.

PlayStation Plus Will Include Monster Hunter Rise, a Perfect Entry Into the Monster Hunting Series

Monster Hunter: Rise is a perfect way to enter the franchise
Monster Hunter: Rise is a perfect way to enter the franchise.

Monster Hunter: Rise stands out as a must-play game in the June list. This is true for both newcomers and veteran monster hunters.


Monster Hunter: Rise is a fantastic option for PlayStation players who want a piece of action that the Monster Hunter series brings and are subscribed to the PS Plus tier. The fast-paced action, and the familiar gameplay loop of players hunting, trapping, and killing monsters, and collecting their resources are all there.

Although the familiar mechanics from previous installments, like Monster Hunter: World are there, Rise introduced new features and mechanics, including an animal companion called a Palamute that players can use to travel across the map and in battles. Moreover, Wirebugs were also used as a way of transport and to mount.

There is no doubt that this will be seen in Monster Hunter: Wilds as well, in a brand new, expanded, and improved way. Fans of the franchise agree that Monster Hunter: Rise is a great game and that it is fantastic that it is included in the list.


One fan asked what games on the list are good, and the community agreed in an instant that Monster Hunter: Rise stands out.


Monster Hunter Wilds Is in Development and Slated for Release in 2025

Monster Hunter Wilds has a new addition in mount section
Monster Hunter Wilds has a new addition in the mount section.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter franchise has been giving players an adrenaline thrill since 2004 when the first game arrived.

With each new title, Capcom manages to introduce something new and build upon the core gameplay loop. It is a steady improvement that lasts more than two decades.

Monster Hunter Wilds is slated for release in 2025 and the upcoming title is poised to follow the evolution formula. Wilds is said to feature a truly open world, and players will be able to explore every corner in search of monstrous beasts, all while managing weather patterns, and environmental phases that affect available resources.


Monster Hunter Wilds will be a true heir to the long-standing franchise. With Monster Hunter: Rise available on the PS Plus, it is a match made in heaven.

Are you looking forward to Rise being on the subscription service? Are you ready to answer the call of the wild? Let us know in the comments below. 


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