PlayStation’s Upcoming Family First Astro Bot Breaks an Industry Trend Sony May Not be Particularly Happy With

Little ASTRO BOT is going on a big adventure, one that won’t require constant investments.

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  • PlayStation’s upcoming ASTRO BOT title will feature no microtransactions, according to the game’s Store page FAQs.
  • This move might not be entirely endorsed by Sony, as in-game purchases are becoming common in single-player titles.
  • The game will feature many callbacks to previous Sony titles and will be a complete experience.
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ASTRO’s Playroom was just a precursor to the upcoming ASTRO BOT, the first full-fledged game featuring PlayStation’s cute little robot mascot. Where the first title was intended to be more of a tech demo for the PS5’s capabilities, the new game will feature more of a storyline for the little bot. 


We’re going to see a lot of returning aspects from the Playroom, including an emphasis on showcasing the system’s capabilities. However, there is one aspect that won’t be making a return to the next installment, and it’s something that might rub Sony the wrong way!

Sony to Miss Out On Monetization with ASTRO BOT

Exploring ASTRO BOT’s world will require a one-time purchase!
Exploring ASTRO BOT’s world will require a one-time purchase!

Single-player titles are not going anywhere anytime soon, but their format has changed considerably. Namely, studios have tried to implement systems that allow for continuous monetization instead of a one-time purchase. Microtransactions such as these are widely criticized within gaming communities, but they are here to stay. 


While they were prevalent before in multiplayer and live-service titles, they are now becoming commonplace in even single-player experiences. Dragon’s Dogma 2 was shipped with them included, and we can expect the same for the upcoming Star Wars Outlaws. Some studios are speaking out against including microtransactions in their titles; the majority seem to be for the feature. 

In such times, it’s a ray of hope when players spot a title that will not have any microtransactions. ASTRO BOT is one such unlikely hero! The PlayStation Store page for the game reveals the title will not have any in-game purchases upon release. The FAQ also states that the game will feature a Gatcha Lab that will function entirely on in-game currency. 

This is going to be good news for gamers, but Sony is not going to be too happy. The company is also looking to boost its earnings via microtransactions, and not including them in first-party titles is a lost opportunity. Regardless, those interested in playing the game or gifting it to a young one can rest easy knowing they have an entire experience paid for with a single purchase. 


ASTRO BOT Will Be A Nostalgic Trip Down PlayStation’s Memory Lane

ASTRO is going to meet a lot of old friends.
ASTRO is going to make a lot of old friends.

ASTRO’s Playroom was a fun little introduction to the PS5’s technology, but the second game for the robot promises to be a holistic title. ASTRO BOT will also feature references to several PlayStation IPs, such as Uncharted, so older gamers can also enjoy spotting these callbacks hidden within the environment and objects in the game. 

This title is saved from microtransactions, but that doesn’t mean they will start to appear less frequently within games. Studios such as CD Projekt Red have stated they will never include in-game purchases in their single-player titles as they do not see the need for them, but other studios do not have such a concrete stance on the issue. 

Only time will tell how microtransactions will continue to change the gaming landscape. Assassin’s Creed Shadows has already announced a season pass for the game, leading to gamers criticizing Ubisoft for such a money-minded move when one version of the game costs as much as $130.


Do you think more single-player titles should take a stance against microtransactions? Let us know in the comments below.

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