“This Game Is Boring”: 190 Hours and Three Playthroughs Isn’t Enough for One Elden Ring Player To Have Fun

One Elden Ring player feels the game is boring and repetitive after playing it for 190 hours and completing it three times in the process.

“This Game Is Boring”: 190 Hours and Three Playthroughs Isn’t Enough for One Elden Ring Player To Have Fun


  • Elden Ring has been deemed boring by a player after playing it for 190 hours and completing it 3 times.
  • The comments on the post made it evident that this was not a popular view.
  • One comment made the poster rethink their stance and accept their wrong word-choices.
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Elden Ring has been a milestone achievement by FromSoftware as Hidetaka Miyazaki took his Soulsborne formula and applied it to the open world to wide critical acclaim. However, it is not possible to please everybody. And one Redditor seems to be completely bored with whatever Elden Ring has to offer.


While there will always be naysayers, this particular Redditor, The_Twick, claims to have already beaten the game three times. They have laid out extensive arguments in support of their claims regarding the game being boring.

And if we are being fair, they do make a few valid points that can act as a conduit to open up a lengthy discussion on the matter.


Did Elden Ring Bank on the Soulsborne Hype?

Elden Ring screenshot

Elden Ring, released in 2022, was Hidetaka Miyazaki’s most ambitious project. With Elden Ring, he targeted an even wider global community with his Soulsborne formula. But understandably, not all of the original Soulsborne fans were pleased.

This game is boring, something is missing.
byu/The_Twick inEldenring

The most obvious question after going through the caption and the first line is why would someone have 190 hours in a game that they find boring. And the comments on the post quite aptly pointed that out. According to this gamer, they felt a disconnect while playing the game. In their own words:


Sometimes I feel like I’m playing a souls game against some of these classical slow derpy dying enemies, but my character is from another game. Somehow faster than them and trivializing the gameplay. On the other hand some bosses and enemies feel like they are from ninja gaiden or something, literally doing their combos and badass attacks for upwards of 30 seconds while I abuse my dodge button.

The other way of playing is by using pure cheese, which again, isnt fun. OP magic ability spam that breaks the AI, OP weapon art spam that obviously isnt balanced. The game boils down to just mashing a button, either dodge if you are melee dude, spam spells if you are spell dude, or spam weapon arts or R1 if you are one of those dudes or a ranged arrow guy.

Somehow this entire post, although makes some valid points, makes the poster sound like someone trying to show off their superior gaming abilities. While non-gamers would most certainly feel like The-Twick’s comments seem very easy to do, gamers will know all those things in the post saying ‘just doing this, just doing that’ are in fact not easy to do. Especially if you are trying to play the game to unwind after a strenuous day.

What Did the Elden Ring Community Feel About the Post?

Elden Ring battlescene

Such a controversial post was bound to get a lot of traction as Reddit has a particularly vibrant Elden Ring community. In no time comments flooded the post with most calling out the poster in languages not fit for this platform. However, there were quite a few sensible comments as users tried to explain to The_Twick that they are sounding like a show-off.

byu/The_Twick from discussion


Taking the original poster to school, this user took their time to demonstrate individually everything about the post that they felt was off-putting or wrong. They even lightly chided the poster by saying that they must not have meant to say something so wrong and advised them to be more precise with their word choice.

The power of just taking your time to understand someone was clearly on show as The_Twick responded positively and agreed wholeheartedly to FatRollingPotato’s comment.

byu/The_Twick from discussion


While The_Twick might have voiced their opinions too strongly, there may be others who feel the same way but just haven’t said it in fear of backlash, and judging by the spiteful and demeaning comments on this post, they were right.

The problem with all gaming communities is there are a few players who are really good in-game and they start treating everybody else as newbies, a.k.a noobs. Any gamer worth their salt hate being called a newbie. And that’s where most of the toxicity on the gaming forums stems from. With players considering themselves to be better than the rest.

But, this particular poster appears to not be toxic. In fact, they admitted their flaw regarding the way they played the game and expressed gratitude to the commenter for correcting his word choices and phrasing his concerns in a proper manner.


Elden Ring shifts from the dungeons of Demon’s Souls into the open world. As it is the first open-world venture from FromSoftware, fans can expect many more to come. And if Hidetaka Miyazaki’s game development trajectory is taken into account, the next game is bound to shake up tons of things to make the experience a superior one for the fans.

How did you feel playing the game? Did you find it as easy as this user claimed it to be? Or do you agree with this user and find the game boring? Do let us know in the comments.

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