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‘Please be Lady Shiva or Punchline’: Fans Can’t Keep Calm as James Gunn Hints Guardians of the Galaxy Star Pom Klementieff is Coming to DCU

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Ever since James Gunn entered the scene at the DC Studios, fans have been quite excited to see how the new era plans out. Having already won the hearts of DCU fanatics with Peacemaker earlier this year, people believe James Gunn just might be what the DCU needs.

James Gunn has worked for both Marvel and DC.
James Gunn

Now, rumors and speculations have always been a part of the package when it comes to superhero franchises, whether it is DCU or its rival, MCU. A common link between the two universes, James Gunn, has ignited yet another speculation. This time it includes actress Pom Klementieff who plays one of the most adorable characters in the Marvel universe, Mantis, over at the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

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James Gunn Inviting Pom Klementieff Over to DCU?

Pom Klementieff as Mantis
Pom Klementieff as Mantis

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One half of the duo that is now in charge of the DC Studios, James Gunn, recently posted a tease about DCU’s future on his Twitter. Posting an image of the much acclaimed DC Comics miniseries, Kingdom Come, Gunn captioned the photo, “Making plans.” Now while fans believe this is him teasing an adaptation of the miniseries that might not be the case.

However, a fan’s reply to Gunn’s tweet has heightened the curiosity of DCU fans about the universe’s future. When actress Pom Klementieff replied to Gunn’s tweet with a simple, “Exciting!” fans couldn’t help but imagine her in the DCU. The excitement was further sparked when a fan replied to Klementieff’s tweet saying that they hope she is a part of the plan. Gunn replied to the tweet stating, “Pom is always a part of our plans!”

Well, that was enough for fans to start turning the wheels in their head and coming up with possibilities for the characters Klementieff could play in the DCU, including comic book characters like Lady Shiva and Punchline. While on the other hand, fans would also love for her to continue the story from her short cameo in The Suicide Squad. If you hadn’t noticed, right before the one-hour mark in the villain-ridden movie, Klementieff made a small appearance at the bar in Corto Maltese. She is seen as a dancing girl at the bar.

Are Gunn and Klementieff’s tweets subtle Easter eggs about what’s coming in DCU’s future or was that just a quick conversation between two friends? Guess, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Who is Lady Shiva?

Lady Shiva
Lady Shiva

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One of the characters that has fans fan-casting Klementieff the most as is Lady Shiva. But non-comic book fans might be a bit confused as to who the character even is. Lady Shiva AKA Sandra Wu-San is seen as a deadly assassin in the comics with incredible martial arts skills. Another one of her unbelievable abilities involves her being able to control her nervous system. By doing so she saves herself from harm as she doesn’t feel pain, and controls her emotions, and even her bleeding rate.

Apart from the above-mentioned abilities, Lady Shiva also possesses the intelligence to predict her opponent’s move and plans her fight accordingly. She is also said to have healing powers.

All of this makes Lady Shiva a much-wanted character in the DCU Universe. Given the fact that DCU is expanding and bringing more and more comic book characters to the screen, Lady Shiva seems like the perfect addition. Seeing Klementieff play the character would surely be a treat to watch, as well!

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