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Plot of James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy, Which Replaces Henry Cavill, Sounds Suspiciously Similar To Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam

Plot of James Gunn's Superman: Legacy, Which Replaces Henry Cavill, Sounds Suspiciously Similar To Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam

With the release of The Flash in cinemas all around the world, the time has finally come when fans can forget about the disastrous management and execution of the DCEU and can get excited about James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU, the new cinematic universe that the CEOs of DC Films are cooking up behind closed doors.

James Gunn
James Gunn during the premiere of The Suicide Squad

One of the premiere projects that are projected to come out in the near future in the DCU will be the much-awaited Superman: Legacy which Gunn will personally oversee. But with some new leaks and rumors circling around, it seems as if the project is set to follow another similar storyline which has been done in the recent past, and failed at the box office.

Is James Gunn Following The Footsteps Of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam In Superman: Legacy?

Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson in and as Black Adam (Credit: WB)

When James Gunn and Peter Safran were appointed to be the new CEOs of DC Films after the dismemberment of the old management at Warner Bros. Discovery, they decided to start from scratch and rebuild an entirely new cinematic franchise out of the characters from DC Comics, both new and old. Therefore, the Brightburn producer fired Henry Cavill as Superman from the DCEU to make way for an entirely new Man Of Steel in his upcoming project titled Superman: Legacy.

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With recent reports that are coming out about the supposed plot of the upcoming film, many people are starting to compare the story of the Superman movie with that of Dwayne Johnson‘s 2022 DCEU film Black Adam. Seemingly, the film will be set amidst turmoil in the Middle East, where Gunn’s new Superman will make his appearance. His only goal here is to solve the conflict in his own way, but another superhero team, possibly The Authority has other plans.

This part suspiciously coincides with the plot of The Rock’s blockbuster bomb that was released in cinemas in October of 2022, and some people are calling the news of the appearance of The Authority as nothing but a mask to hide The JSA behind it. YouTuber and reporter Grace Randolph claims that Lex Luthor may be the only differentiating factor in the storyline.

Whether it may be similar or completely different, fans are hoping that James Gunn delivers on his claims to bring a new and better Superman to the DCU and doesn’t go down the path that Johnson’s film went at the box office.

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Why Did Black Adam Fail?

Dwayne Johnson on the sets of Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson on the sets of Black Adam

There were a lot of reasons that were formulated for why Black Adam failed and discontinued. One of them was the reason that The Rock was trying to separate himself and his character from the rest of the DCEU, which would come to bite them back in the long run. But one of the major reasons was the failure of creating an impact on the audience as well as at the box office, which lead to James Gunn cutting it off before it could harm the franchise.

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Black Adam, streaming on Max.

Source: @GraceRandolph

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