Pochita Might not be the Only Chainsaw Devil as Fake Chainsaw Man’s Anonymity Could Have more to it than Fans Expect

Chainsaw Man fans may have solved the mystery to the Fake Chainsaw Man's powers but not his identity.

Pochita Might not be the Only Chainsaw Devil as Fake Chainsaw Man’s Anonymity Could Have more to it than Fans Expect


  • Fake Chainsaw Man's name hasn't been disclosed ever after 30 chapters following his introduction.
  • Every appearance of Fake Chainsaw Man has put a question on his purpose.
  • Pochita might not be the actual Chainsaw Devil but rather a different primal fear.
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Fake Chainsaw Man continues to be shrouded in mystery. Despite his minimal appearances, he has had a long-lasting impact on fans. Tatsuki Fujimoto only drops a few clues about his identity as the manga progresses, making matters more complex and interesting for sleuths.


Presently, the 144+ Chapters of the manga have only featured one Chainsaw Devil and that is Denji’s pet, Pochita. The orange dog with a chainsaw sprouting from the center of its head ‘became’ Denji’s heart after a pact was made between the two at the beginning of the series.

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Pochita Chainsaw Man
Pochita in Chainsaw Man

However, there have been doubts about Pochita being the only Chainsaw Devil. Denji’s fluffy friend has undoubtedly given unfathomable yet painful powers to Denji to combat Devils but nothing is as it seems ever since the entry of the so-called Fake Chainsaw Man.

Before moving on to the fan theories, let us rewind to the time the Fake Chainsaw Man first appeared and his role so far.

Every Appearance Of the Fake Chainsaw Man In The Manga

Tatsuki Fujimoto is apparently a fan of numerology. Chapter 111 was the first time the Fake Chainsaw Man appeared in the manga although only his silhouette was seen. The shadowy figure beheaded Yuko on a rooftop after the latter decided to visit a Devil Hunter relative to get rid of her powers. On the verge of death, Yuko seemingly believed her murderer to be Denji.

Fake Chainsaw Man
Fake Chainsaw Man’s shadow

Fake Chainsaw Man’s most notable appearances are in Chapter 128 and Chapter 129. During the ensuing battle between Denji and a Falling Devil, the mysterious figure appears behind the Devil and cuts it in half. He is clad in a Devil Hunter’s uniform and after a few tense episodes, the tall muscular man assists Denji and Asa in escaping the Hell imposed by the Falling Devil.

There is no evidence of Fake Chainsaw Man being a villain. Nonetheless, during a television broadcast, a Devil Hunter revealed himself to be the actual Chainsaw Man. It could have been staged by the actual imposter but the effect was clear: Denji was upset by the whole story.



Suspicions about the mysterious Devil Hunter first fell on Iseumi but it was clear that he wasn’t the impostor when he screamed for help from Chainsaw Man. Moreover, he revealed that he was a fanboy and that the thread on his chest was a surgical implant.

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Pochita Might Not Be The Only Devil With Chainsaw Powers

Fake Chainsaw Man
Is this the actual impostor?

An interesting fan theory shared by ComicBook suggests that the Fake Chainsaw Man is the ‘actual’ primal fear of chainsaws while Pochita is based on a different primal fear. This means that Denji is the ‘fake’ one and he didn’t actually know the extent of his powers. This could lead to exciting outcomes but massively overhauls the foundation of the story.

Supporting the theory with a more probable approach is Reddit user u/GHOZT3D. Writing on the platform, he claimed that the Fake Chainsaw Man made a pact with the Chainsaw Devil while Denji made a contract with a primal devil (Pochita). This explains the difference in their powers.

Yet, given the fact that Pochita embodies the ‘fear’ of Chainsaws while Fake Chainsaw Man has the powers of a Devil, it should be Denji who should be more powerful. Fans want both chainsaw men to lock horns to end the debate once and for all. Unfortunately, Tatsuki Fujimoto has a tendency to take things slow and build anticipation for a grand clash.


Fujimoto’s creation is slowly gaining popularity after its anime version was released in October last year. Season 1 covered the Public Safety arc and Season 2 is expected to continue from where it left off after supposedly releasing in 2024.

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