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Pokémon Reimagined As Marvel Superheroes.

Though the Marvel characters don’t live in the Pokémon universe, but if they did imagine how cool would it have been to see our favourite characters as Pokémon’s. Inspite being two of the largest franchises of Different platform, fans have never seen crossover between the two worlds. But if we imagine them being crossing paths in future, it would really be fun as each member of the Avengers has its own unique personality as does every single Pokémon. Making it interesting to see which marvel character would choose to look like which Pokémon. Isn’t it cool to see Iron-Man as Charizard or Captain America as Squirtle? So today at Fandom Wire we are going to pair some of our favourite Marvel Characters as Pokémon’s, Sound interesting lets pop into it without wasting much time!

1 Black Panther As Umbreon:


2 Wasp As Ninjask:


3 War Machine As Blastoise:


4 Ant-Man As Durant:


5 Hawkeye As Decidueye:


6 Black Widow As Greninja:


7 Thor As Zapdos:

8 Hulk As Primeape:


9 Captain America As Braviary:


10 Iron Man As Pikachu:



Written by FandomWire Staff

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