Popular Celebs Who Look Like Real Life Clones Of These Cartoon Characters

Have you ever thought of the line between the real and cartoon world is blurring? There are so many actors and celebs around that easily look like long lost twins of these popular cartoon characters. Maybe, just maybe, you entire life has been a lie?!?!? They say life imitates art. But what if art imitates life as well? These popular cartoon characters have managed to nail the look of these popular celebs. or maybe it’s the other way around! Gosh everything is so darn confusing. Here, you guys take a look and find out for yourselves!!

Jessica Rabbit & Christina Hendricks

Real Life Clones Of These Cartoon Characters
Christina Hendricks

Let’s be honest here. Christina Hendricks came into our lives much later. But it was Jessica Rabbit who managed to waltz into our hearts and steal it from us when we were kids. Everyone has had one fantasy or another about Jessica Rabbit. She has that sultry and seductive look every fans has a hard time getting over. Once Hendricks shot to fame after her popular stint in mad Men, viewers started comparing her to the Who Framed Roger Rabbit character. And we don’t blame them even for a bit. Jessica Rabbit and Christina Hendricks look like twins.

Sid Phillips (Toy Story) & Will Poulter

Real Life Clones Of These Cartoon Characters
Will Poulter

The Maze Runner and We’re The Millers actor has hit it big in the film industry after he was cast as Adam Warlock in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Poulter was always one of the weird ones, and he has totally embraced his nerdy and geeky side. Sid Phillips is a popular character from the original Toy Story movie who serves as the primary antagonist in the Pixar film. Poulter nails the look of the problem child in 2017 when he came dressed up as Sid for Halloween.

Ned Flanders & Bryan Cranston

Real Life Clones Of These Cartoon Characters
Bryan Cranston

Cross your heart and hope to die if you are lying, telling us that you don’t see the resemblance. Sure Ned Flanders is an upstanding member of the community unlike Cranston’s fan-favorite character – Walter White, who deals in drugs. But the resemblance is uncanny. Both look like they have the same mustache and same facial structure. Even the get-up ned Flanders has looks eerily similar to Cranston’s Walter White character. Coincidence? or is it something more than that?

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Tiana & Kerry Washington

Real World Clones Of These Cartoon Characters
Kerry Washington

For many young Disney fans, Tiana from The Princess & The Frog is their most favorite and beloved character. As a matter of fact, she has qualities as a Disney princess not even many of the popular ones like Ariel and Snow White have. Many Disney fans either want to be her or be with her. Luckily we do have a real life alternative (if you could even call her that because she’s married so BEHAVE!!). Scandal actress Kerry Washington looks like a real world duplicate of Princess Tiana.

Prince Charming (Shrek) & Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Real Life Clones Of These Animated Characters
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Please tell us you see what we are seeing. The face, the jawline, the cheekbones and the way his hair falls right apart to show that perfect, flawless face (we are not in love with him, promise) – it just screams, Prince Charming from Shrek. Like Prince Charming, Nikolaj-Coster-Waldau’s Game of Thrones character also had a bad mentor/parent who drove him down a path of evil.

Chuckie (The Rugrats) & Ed Sheeran

Actual Life Clones Of These Cartoon Characters
Ed Sheeran

Well we had to include this in the list because the above pic is uncannily but also hilariously accurate. Who knew the famous singer and songwriter already had a cartoon twin from this classic Nickelodeon cartoon show. Chuckie and Ed Sheeran look like brothers to us to be honest. Are they? What do you think??

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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