Popular Netflix Show Cancellations That Were Devastating For Fans

Netflix’s shows are very popular. They are top-notch quality entertainment and are very accessible. Fans often binge-watch their favorite shows and even re-watch them before the next season drops. All this time spent with their favorite on-screen characters gets them emotionally invested in their stories. This is a very widespread phenomenon.

So, when Netflix cancels one of its shows, fans are left disappointed. Their beloved characters and the story cease to exist. These fans long for closure. However, they have to settle for the inevitable. Some cancellations are not surprising, these shows usually underperform and were bound to be wrapped up. On the other hand, when a successful show is canceled, it is usually unexpected and abrupt. This antagonizes fans further. We take a look at 5 popular show cancellations that were devastating for fans. Let us know your opinion on these shows in the comments section below.

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1. Archive 81

 Popular netflix show cancellation that left fans devastated
Archive 81, a still.

This mystery/horror show was canceled after a single season. This was quite a popular show and was successful. It had an impressive viewership too. However, all these accolades were not enough in the end. The show was axed. The fact that it was made on a relatively conservative budget made the axing more perplexing. Fans of the show took it to the internet to voice their anguish and express their love for the show. Alas, nothing was done about it.

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2. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

 Popular netflix show cancellation that left fans devastated
A still from Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

This show was right up there with the John Oliver’s of this world. Very informative and sharp, it was universally appreciated. The host has well-liked for his wit and charm. Needless to say, fans were very upset. The neat and entertaining presentation of social issues was outstanding. The show had a lot more to offer. The room for growth was huge. It was a breath of fresh air and was much talked about on the internet and beyond. Hasan, who previously worked on Trevor Noah’s show, did an amazing job with the hosting. His stock has surely gone up after this latest production of his.

3. The Society

 Popular netflix show cancellation that left fans devastated
A still from The Society

This cancellation was particularly painful. This is as the show was already renewed for a second season. The ostensible blame for the cancellation was left on the doors of COVID-19. Fans were left devastated by the fact that they would never know the fate of their favorite characters on the show. The plot was fun too. A bus full of high school students went on a trip, but when they returned, all the adults of the town had disappeared. Things were fun and games, at first. However, this wouldn’t last.

4. Altered Carbon

 Popular netflix show cancellation that left fans devastated
A Poster of Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon was a very ambitious Sci-Fi show. The concepts in it like, body-swapping, psychological modification, and others were very fascinating. The premise of the show was set three centuries in the future. The series tackled themes of gender, and race, among others. Sadly, it was canceled after only two seasons. Apparently, the decision was made after comparing the cost of renewal against the number of viewers. Nevertheless, fans were let down yet again, and a unique series like this was left unfinished. Sad.

5. I Am Not Okay With This

 Popular netflix show cancellation that left fans devastated
A scene from I Am Not Okay With This

Another show canceled after the first season! Ouch! This Sci-fi show bordered on the horror category in the last few episodes. The show was very intriguing and left fans anticipating the second season. Alas, there was no second. The show was canceled and fans were understandably outraged. Fans wanted to know where the show has headed next. All these cancellations caused a lot of heartbreak and disappointment to fans. Perhaps, Netflix should be more sensitive to the wants of their customers.

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