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Potential Characters For ‘Captain Marvel’s’ Newest Cast Member

Although most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s focus has been, and rightly so, directed towards next month’s Black Panther and this Spring’s Avengers: Infinity War, another Marvel project is quickly coming together in preparation for it’s wide release next March, Captain Marvel.

While it was announced back at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 that Academy Award-Winner Brie Larson would play the titular character, there has been little acknowledgement of upcoming cast members. Already confirmed for the film are actors Jude Law as Walter Lawson/Mar-Vell, Ben Mendelsohn as a potential Kree leader, and the rumored inclusion of a younger Nick Fury played, as always, by Samuel L. Jackson. This past Thursday, it was announced that She’s Gotta Have It and Shots Fired star DeWanda Wise would be the newest addition to the female-led superhero flick, which sent the internet into a frenzy of speculation as to whom Wise would be playing in Captain Marvel, so we have determined our own list of potential roles in which DeWanda Wise would portray:



Alright, this is probably the safest bet as far as lore is concerned. Monica Rambeau, otherwise known as Spectrum, has had multiple connections to Captain Marvel‘s history throughout Marvel Comics. After being exposed to a strange form of extra-dimensional energy during her time as a Lieutenant with the New Orleans Harbor Patrol, Rambeau began to noticed her incredible ability to control and manipulate energy and it would not be long before she would learn to stabilize herself due to similar training Carol Danvers had experienced in the military. In 1982, she was given the mantle of Captain Marvel after the original, Mar-Vell, had passed away, leaving her with a title and responsibilities given from the media.

After becoming allies with Spider-Man, she would be introduced to The Avengers where she would meet, and confront Carol Danvers over the name of Captain Marvel. Spectrum has also held alliances with Black Panther, The Mighty Avengers, and The Ultimates, a team which Danvers was also a member of.



This could play into more future roles, but given the character history with Captain Marvel, it would be interesting to see the surviving member of the Ujor appear on the big-screen. After volunteering for her body to be augmented into a weapon, Ujor took her abilities to a personal level as she searches the Universe in hopes of finding other members of the Brood race, the murderers of her kind. During her hunt she came across Carol Danvers, and it ultimately led to her demise as she fell victim to Marvel’s photon abilities. Ujor, while not a mainstay in the comic lore, would provide an excellent adversary for a younger Captain Marvel.



Given Marvel’s pattern of having villains that are relatively closer to their heroic counterpart in the films (Iron Monger, YellowJacket, Killmonger, etc.) the inclusion of having Moonstone being Danver’s antagonist in the film would come as no surprise.

Karla Sofen, a.k.a Moonstone, has the perfect comic resume to fit as well; joining teams such as Baron Zemo’s Masters of Evil, The Thunderbolts, The Corporation, and Norman Osborn’s Avengers. Throw in the fact that she has an incredibly selfish, independent, and sometimes, unbreakable will, Moonstone would make quite the challenge for Danvers.


Abigail Brand

A personal favorite choice, Lt. Commander Abigail Brand is an agent whom associates primarily with S.W.O.R.D (an equally cool-version of S.H.I.E.L.D). If the MCU were to introduce S.W.O.R.D in Captain Marvel, the inclusion of Abigail Brand would most likely play a similar role to either Rhodey or Coulson in the first Iron Man film, character that, more or less, push limits onto the protagonist. She also holds alien heritage in her blood, and began to learn about certain abilities and strengths in further stories.


This is, of course, mere speculation at this point until Marvel decides to make an announcement. Dewanda Wise could play any one of these characters, or, we could see her portray either a more obscure character or an entirely new character for the story; think along the lines of the Ant-Man Heist Crew.


What do you think of these potential characters? Let us know in the comments below!

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