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Potential Daredevil Season 4 Villains, Ranked

Now that Kevin Feige has officially confirmed Charlie Cox will be MCU’s Daredevil, we round up some potential Daredevil season 4 villains. These Daredevil Season 4 Villains are definitely going to rile you up next season.

Typhoid Mary

Marvel Typhoid Mary
Typhoid Mary

Often associated with the criminal organization – The Hand, Typhoid Mary is a very unique character in Marvel Comics. The villainess suffers from a major case of split personality disorder. Multiple personas exist in her psyche simultaneously. Based on which personality has the spotlight, Typhoid Mary’s powers keep changing. Typhoid Mary has been both an enemy and an ally to Daredevil. She has also worked with the Kingpin to kill Matt Murdock on numerous occasions.

Mister Fear

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Mister Fear

Larry Cranston was among a long line of bad guys who have assumed the mantle of Mister Fear. But he is still the most memorable one of them all. Cranston seemingly died after jumping off of a building and realizing he did not have his jetpack with him. Returning as the villain Mister Fear, Cranston would then gather a legion of followers and would effectively root out the fear of death from all the residents of Hell’s Kitchen. Even Daredevil’s closest friends, including his wife, fail prey to Mister Fear’s evil.


marvel daredevil netflix series gladiator

This guy is himself unsure whether he is a villain or a hero. Because he keeps switching tracks every other issue. First starting out as a villain, Gladiator came pretty close to breaking Daredevil. But he could never actually beat the Man Without Fear. After repeated failures, Gladiator ended up joining forces with Daredevil and becoming a force for good. When that did not work, he became a villain again only to fail at it even more. He could be an intriguing anti-hero side character as far as Daredevil season 4 villains are concerned.

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Lady Bullseye

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Maki Matsumoto

The villainess Lady Bullseye may look like a direct knock-off of Bullseye. Well, she is. The woman who would one day become Lady Bullseye saw the actual Bullseye slaughter a host of criminals right in front of her. Maki Matsumoto became so infatuated and obsessed with Bullseye that she adopted the Lady Bullseye mantle to emulate her idol. Daredevil Season 4 villains need to have the X-Factor to make an impact. Lady Bullseye definitely has it.

The Owl

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The Owl

The previous seasons of Daredevil have already introduced this character. Daredevil season 4 villains must be somehow connected to the past Daredevil seasons. That way, the MCU Disney+ show could be more impactful. Leland Owsley is already dead. But he does have a son who we believe is just as shrewd and capable as his father once was. Leland’s son can become the new Owl. A brilliant crime lord, The Owl took over Kingpin’s operations after Fisk became the city’s Mayor in the comics.


119795 151131 mind master
Mind Master

The Maggia is an international entity specializing in organized crime. They have networks and strongholds all over the globe. Since Daredevil is mostly a street level fighter, Daredevil season 4 villains should also give out a street level vibe. Ruffio Costa is a Maggia Crime Lord who was bombarded with neutrons that gave him powerful psychic abilities. His grounded powers and his connection to the Maggia could mean big things for Daredevil season 4.


The Enforcers

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Originally starting out as Spider-Man villains, the Enforcers soon caught the attention of Daredevil. The two eventually became longtime rivals. Although they have no superpowers, each member of the Enforcers is skilled and knowledgeable in their own field of expertise. They help crime lords and gangs all over New York in extortion, murder, and territory expansion. They would do pretty good as Daredevil season 4 villains because they are relatively popular, unique, and very underrated.

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