Power Rangers Icon Jason David Frank Reportedly Killed Himself, May Have Been Going Through Severe Depression

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Jason David Frank recently passed away at the age of 49. His death, as of now, is said to be suicide, while no official reports have been made yet. Jason David Frank was popularly known and loved for his roles in the Power Rangers franchise.

Jason David Frank
Late actor Jason David Frank

Many of his previous co-stars took to social media to express their heartbreak and write one last goodbye to the actor through their words. Apart from his co-stars, Jason David Frank’s fans were equally devastated, if not more. They shared their emotions on Twitter, recalling stories of their childhood that involved the late actor. People are speculating that Jason David Frank’s supposed suicide might be an outcome of depression.

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Jason David Frank Passes Away at 49

Jason David Frank
Jason David Frank posing with Green Ranger’s helmet

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It was reported by TMZ that one of the longest-running actors in the Power Rangers franchise, Jason David Frank had passed away. According to reports, suicide is speculated to be the cause of death.

The unfortunate news first reached the world through Mike Bronzoulis, Frank’s personal trainer and close friend. He stated on his Facebook that he was “feeling terrible” as Frank had called and left him a message and he took too long to get back to him. Later, TMZ would learn the same from Frank’s representative, Justine Hunt who begged people to respect the privacy of his loved ones.


Please respect the privacy of his family and friends during this horrible time as we come to terms with the loss of such a wonderful human being. He loved his family, friends, and fans very much. He will truly be missed.”

Frank’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers co-star Walter Jones, who played the original Black Ranger, shared a statement with TMZ stating that Frank’s presence will be missed by all. He also added that he was always consistent in lending an ear to the late actor if he ever needed one.

“He was an inspiration to so many people. His presence will be dearly missed. It’s so sad to lose another member of our Ranger family. Jason was one of the biggest pranksters on the show. He had a wild sense of humor. We had our shares of ups and downs but I stayed consistent about being an ear if he needed one. My prayers go out to his family and all that will miss him.”

Blake Foster, Frank’s co-star in Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, shared a few pictures with his late co-star on social media. The caption was truly heartbreaking as Foster wrote about how he cried all night in the memory of his friend and hero.

Frank is survived by his four children.


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Jason David Frank’s Death Leaves Fans Heartbroken

Jason David Frank
Jason David Frank as Green Ranger

Born on September 4, 1973, Frank leaves behind a legacy. He will be best remembered for his role as Tommy Oliver in the extensive Power Rangers franchise. In his Power Rangers debut in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Frank was initially depicted as a villain. His character later turned his way around and was introduced to the group as the Green Ranger. Though the role wasn’t permanent, fans loved him so much that he was brought back to the series as White Ranger.

Frank returned to his role in many other adaptations of the franchise which include, Wild Force, Turbo, Dino Thunder, and others. Throughout the franchise, he has appeared as Red Ranger, Black Ranger, White Ranger, and Green Ranger. Looks like fans couldn’t get enough of him and rightly so.


Frank’s extensive history in the franchise is what made this news so shocking to his fans. They took to Twitter to express both their sorrow over his untimely passing, as well as gratitude for making their childhoods so special.



Frank will certainly be missed by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him, including his fans. Even though his time on this planet has ended, his legacy will continue to live on.

Source: TMZ


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