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The Most Powerful Avenger Destroyed the Strongest Metal of the MCU

Up until recently, the MCU had projected Vibranium and Uru as two of the most powerful metals. The strength of Vibranium featured in Captain America‘s Shield and Black Pather’s uniform. Throughout Phase 1 to 3, we perceived it to be unbreakable and resistant to blasts and bullets. Whereas, Uru was a special element that went into the making of Thor’s Mjolnir and Stormbreaker.

But “Avengers: Endgame” introduced another cosmic metal that beat Vibranium and Uru as a knife runs through butter. Yes, we are talking about none other than Thanos’ sword, Dargonite.  Fans were shocked when the Mad Titan’s sword broke Cap’s shield and warded off Thor’s Stormbreaker. It is believed that this sword is moulded with Dargonite. However, one Avenger could blast off Dargonite into pieces merely with her powers. We are talking about none other than Wanda Maximoff.

Over the span of four movies, the true nature of Wanda’s powers has gradually manifested. She made her debut in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” as someone who could manipulate minds and zap matter using telekinesis. Her backstory indicated that Wanda received her powers from the Mind Stone when she and Pietro were held captive by the High Evolutionary. But not until recently, we learnt that Wanda was a Scarlet Witch whose dormant powers were activated by the Mind Stone. Her abilities have only got mightier with every film. Some had always predicted what she was capable of. But it wasn’t until she came face to face with Thanos that we saw her true potential.

We got a tiny sneak peek at her powers in “Age of Ultron” when Wanda was able to enter the minds of Tony Stark and that of the God of Thunder, Thor. The moment she sensed the death of Pietro, her single emotion of energy blasted off several Ultron Bots. She continued exhibiting her strengths and impressed us even in “Captain America: Civil War”.

Though her powers had toned down as compared to her comic book counterpart, the events of “Avengers: Infinity War” established her as one of the strongest Avengers. The intimidating and invincible Thanos saw her might as she held him off for the longest while simultaneously destroying the Mind Stone on Vision’s head. Wanda did something impossible that day and would have led to a victory against Thanos had it not been for the Time Stone in the bad guy’s possession.

She got her second chance to go against Thanos during the Endgame and that was a moment he would never forget. Not only did she beat him down, but also obliterated his sword. We probably can’t even fathom her powers after she shattered Dargonite, a metal that was powerful enough to eliminate the Shield and Stormbreaker.

Her latest show, “WandaVision” showed her transformation from a lost Wanda to a powerful and formidable Scarlet Witch. We witnessed the extent of her capabilities as she created an alternate reality in WestView, mind-controlled civilians, and produced a powerful Vision from herself. It ended with the Scarlet Witch emerging as the creator and destroyer, who is finally ready to explore her magic powers and mystic arts.