Powerful Marvel Characters That Took Direct Inspiration From Hindu Gods

Comic books sometimes take inspiration from ancient culture and mythology. In Moon Knight, we have already seen Egyptian gods like Khonshu and Ammit play an important role. There has been a reference to Enneads as well. But Egyptians aren’t the only ones whose Gods were a reference to Marvel characters. Hindu Gods called the Daevas are a part of the Marvel comics. They live in Nirvana and are worshipped by people on Earth. Hindu Gods are their direct inspiration. Check out this list to read about some.

Skanda is inspired by Hindu Gods

Skanda is inspired by Hindy Gods

A friend of Hank McCoy of the X-Men, Skanda is made after Kartikeya, the son of Lord Shiva. He has abilities common to the Daevas like Superstrength, immortality, speed, and resistance to injuries and poison. He also has the ability to fly. The superhero teamed up with GeNext when Kalima, a supervillain attacked India. And also seems to hold some grudges against the Von Doom family based on his treatment of Sophie Von Doom. He also has powers that are conventional to the Hindu God in mythology. Skanda, the God has appeared in several issues of the Marvel comics and has played some necessary roles in moving the storyline forward.

Indra was created after the Hindu God

Indra was created after the Hindu God
Indra is one of the Daevas in Marvel

In Hindu mythology, Indra is the god of weather and war. Though in the tales, he is not as strong, his Marvel version is quite strong. He is strong enough to fill in for Shiva in the Trimurti when the lord was attending something. He has met Thor and lost an Epic Battle against him. Also, he was in Shiva form when the Norse God, Thor came asking for a portion of Daevas energy to Nirvana to restore the Asgardians. He also joined Thor along with other Gods to fight the Demogorge. He has God-like abilities and immortality.

Shiva is one of the Marvel Hindu Gods

Shiva is inspired by Hindu Gods

One of the Trimurti of Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva is seen as the destroyer. He is one of the most respected Gods of the Hindu religion. In Marvel. his role is similar too. And is one of the three Gods who rule the Pantheon. Though the first time he really appeared in Marvel was in Thor #301 when he refused to give his portion to restore Asgard but as he lost, Marvel faced a backlash. So, they later revealed it was Indra filling in for Shiva. He possesses immense strength and power.

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Brahma is a part of Marvel Hindu Gods

Brahma is a part of Marvel Hindu Gods

In Marvel as well Brahma is a part of Trimurti just like his inspiration in the Hindu religion. He is the creator, the one who created all beings. And also is the God of knowledge. He is a part of the Daevas, an extra-dimensional race of Gods living in Nirvana. He has not made many comic appearances though that is because he is too strong to be in a supporting role. Also, like other Daevas, he has the ability to heal and preserve better than other Gods, as he is a part of the Trimurti.

Vishnu is the most powerful Marvel Hindu God

Vishnu is the most powerful Marvel Hindu God

In Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu is the one who is worshipped as the preserver of the world. He is the one who creates a balance between life and death. In Marvel, he is seen as the leader of the Hindu Pantheon and one of the Trimurti. He stands on par with Zeus and Odin. He was a part of the battle against Host, a celestial, to save the planet. And he has superstrength and God-like abilities but is much stronger than the other Gods being the leader. Also, he is viewed as the most powerful in Marvel.

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