“Pray he’s okay”: Fans Worry About Togashi Yoshihiro’s Declining Health After He Refused to Leave Hunter x Hunter Incomplete

A recent update reveals that Togashi Yoshihiro has shared the ending of the story in case something happens to him.

"Pray he's okay": Fans Worry About Togashi Yoshihiro's Declining Health After He Refused to Leave Hunter x Hunter Incomplete


  • Hunter x Hunter manga is gaining popularity since the new chapters have been released. Yet we still don't know if we will get an anime.
  • Hunter x Hunter is a masterpiece, better than One Piece, Naruto, and Dragon Ball in some aspects
  • Fans of Hunter x Hunter are worried about the author's health

Hunter x Hunter is one of the most fascinating stories ever told. The series has a huge fanbase all around the globe and is one of the best-selling mangas of all time. However, due to the poor health of the author, the story has been stalled for years.

Gon in Hunter x Hunter
Gon in Hunter x Hunter

The series kicked off very well and had significant success; however, the health issues of Togashi Yoshihiro started to surface, and therefore, the series went on to an indefinite hiatus.

However, the series released several new chapters, but recently, it was revealed that the author has told the ending to some people if he is unable to make it to the end, and it has gotten fans worried about his health.

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Fans are worried about Hunter x Hunter author Togashi Yoshihiro’s health

Recently, Hunter x Hunter manga fans were buzzed with happiness when it was announced that the series might be returning after the author confirmed it on social media.

The series has been on hiatus for many years, and finally, a ray of glory and hope emerged for the fans who have been loyal to the series for many years.

Killua in Hunter x Hunter
Killua in Hunter x Hunter

Recently, several chapters were released to continue the Succession Contest arc, which will continue whenever the author’s health is okay.

The author shared the ending of the series in case he passes away so that responsible people can give the series the send-off it deserves.

This has caused a stir in the community, and fans are getting increasingly worried about the health of Togashi Yoshihiro.

Although they eagerly await the chapters, they are worried and don’t want the author to take any health risks.

Being a manga author is a demanding task, as you have to meet deadlines and consistently deliver according to fan expectations, and periodically, this can take a toll on authors.


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When will Hunter x Hunter return?

The return date of the Hunter x Hunter anime has yet to be declared, and it can take a long time before it does.

The writer has not issued any updates recently, but the fans crave information on when they can see their beloved characters back on screen.

Hunter x Hunter still has numerous unexplored aspects, and it can be one of the greatest and best-written stories in entire shonen history if the author’s fitness issues go away.

A dark moment in Hunter x Hunter
A dark moment in Hunter x Hunter

The anime is also on hold as there is not enough source material available to adapt, and it will take a few years’ worth of material before they can begin animating.

The fans are stranded with no information on the return date of Hunter x Hunter to their screens, but it will be huge whenever it does.

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