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Predator Prequel Prey Gets Rated R Despite Being Disney Owned, Sparks Hope For Gritty Daredevil Series

Daredevil has been resurrected. After Marvel and Netflix ended their ill-fated partnership and tanked all 4 solo superhero series, the two years left on their contract just recently terminated. Disney did not lose a moment in picking up the acclaimed series from Marvel and bringing them over to their platform.

Marvel’s Daredevil starring Charlie Cox

However, since Disney’s reputation demands a PG-13 take on its productions, fans although ecstatic about the renewal of Daredevil season 4 are slightly cautious of the tone and content of the fan-favorite show. Known for its dark tenor and bloody script, Daredevil would not thrive in the lighter, more family-friendly setting that is currently reigning in Marvel’s Phase 4.

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Disney Acquires Predator Franchise, Prequel Gets Rated R

The bugs. The heat. The jungle. The alien. And one highly-jacked Arnold Schwarzeneggar. That’s the crux of the 1987 classic action film that kickstarted an entire franchise replete with films, novels, video games, and action-figure toys. After a crossover with the Alien franchise and landing several duds, the franchise fired off again in the 2018 sequel-cum-reboot starring Boyd Holbrook and Olivia Munn.

The original Predator (1987)

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The Predator franchise was recently acquired by The Walt Disney Company and ever since fans have been concerned about the extremely violent-packed action film becoming subversive in its tone. However, in the upcoming Hulu prequel Prey director Dan Trachtenberg revealed Disney had no hand whatsoever in regulating or censoring the movie script. As such the film has been rated ‘R’ for its viewership and that has left some repercussive hopes in the hearts of Marvel fans.

Hulu sequel to The Predator, ‘Prey’

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Marvel’s Daredevil May Turn Out To Be Gritty After All

When Marvel’s Phase 4 took over, a theme that became largely predominant within the MCU was a lighter take on its subjects. The most recent among its shows, Ms. Marvel was intense in its comic-book-like visual execution on the screen. Even a major series like WandaVision was wholly modeled like sitcoms of the 60s to 90s. Besides making these changes to the usually serious MCU scripts, Disney’s acquisition hardly left any hope that the renewed Daredevil would not meet the same fate.

Daredevil 4
Disney renews Daredevil for Season 4

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But after Disney acquired Prey gets a restricted rating, fans have been reinvigorated in their expectations of seeing the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen return to his bloody demeanor. Even series like Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Punisher that wholly ride on fists, guns, gore, and violence may finally find a home under the Disney-Marvel umbrella.

Prey releases on August 5, 2022.

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Watch the trailer here:

Written by Diya Majumdar