“Preparing the lie for the PS5 Pro”: PlayStation Fans May Have Rumbled Sony and Xbox Gamers Call Shenanigans as the Console Wars Continue

After removing a notable badge on the box, PlayStation fans are worried about Sony's promise for 8K gaming on the PS5.

Playstation 5 vs X-Box Series X


  • Sony is being called out for removing the 8K label on the PlayStation 5 retail box.
  • The gaming community expects the PlayStation 5 Pro to output true 8K quality.
  • Other platform users have come to gloat at Sony's fumble with the PlayStation 5.
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The PS5 Pro craze is getting even stronger especially when the gaming community is confident about the existence of Sony’s rumored console. Reflecting on the previous generation, it is high time for the company to release the upgraded version but one move made fans worried.


The fans are using the company’s timetable from the last generation as a basis for this generation’s mid-cycle bump, however, some have noticed a minor change in the retail box of the current PlayStation 5 models that could have some major ramifications for the future.

The Gaming Community Hopes the PS5 Pro Will Output 8K

Perhaps the PS5 Pro will succeed where the base model has failed.
Perhaps the PS5 Pro will succeed where the base model has failed.

It wasn’t long ago when the rumored specs of the unannounced console would be a significant upgrade compared to the base model and the Xbox Series X combined. The current generation had a rocky start given the shortages and the global pandemic hampering productions, the box of the base model initially promised 8K gaming which didn’t mean anything at the time because no TV could have the capability to output 8K and some have noticed that the tag was removed from the boxes in store shelves.


It seems like Sony is retracting earlier claims for the possibility of 8K gaming and some players believe it will be achievable on the rumored mid-cycle refresh. Others are also being tempted to sue the company for false advertising.


Even the slim versions of the console did not have the 8K tag on the upper right side box which leads fans to believe that Sony bit more than it could chew when they were promoting the console. It may not be a big deal for the average person but gamers know their stuff and hates being duped.

This situation provides a chance for users of rival gaming platforms to publicly challenge the supporters of the company and intensify the hostilities of the never-ending rivalry between different gaming consoles. Perhaps Sony will address the change in the labeling of the retail boxes in a future statement.

The PlayStation 5 Pro Better Target 8K for Sony’s Sake

The original PS5 was released four years ago and the gaming community expects an upgrade later this year.
The original PS5 was released four years ago and the gaming community expects an upgrade later this year.

False advertising is not an ideal accusation for a gaming company like Sony, perhaps the company will take this fumble as a lesson to avoid selling promises or not meeting expectations.


While the hardware may be compatible with 8K screens and monitors, outputting games at that quality is still unlikely.

Regrettably, the company’s eagerness to outpace its competitors led to disastrous consequences when it failed to fulfill a promise made years ago, ultimately shooting itself in the foot. Despite the best efforts to remove the 8K label, the damage has already been done.

There were no other options for 8K displays four years ago but not anymore today, which makes it confusing why Sony wouldn’t prioritize capitalizing on the promise of 8K gaming today. Perhaps the company overestimated the hardware capabilities and realized it was too late to undo the labels.


Do you think the PS5 Pro could redeem the original base model versions of the PlayStation 5 for 8K gaming? Let us know in the comments section below!




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