“Pretty much the closest thing to myself”: Chris Hemsworth Wants To Play His “Complete moron of a character” from a 2016 Movie Against Fans’ Disapproval

Chris Hemsworth wants to star in a Ghostbusters film again.

Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters


  • Chris Hemsworth was recently asked which character from his past would he like to play again.
  • Interestingly enough, the actor revealed that he would love to play Kevin Beckman from the 2016 Ghostbusters again.
  • This answer is quite surprising as the film has been called one of his most disappointing projects to date.
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Chris Hemsworth has entered the limelight yet again as he is starring in two completely contrasting projects. As the release of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is just around the corner, and the trailer for Transformers One was also recently released, his range as an actor could not be more evident. His versatility is truly commendable, as he has dabbled in many genres throughout his career.


Hemsworth was recently giving an interview for the promotion of his upcoming film with Anya Taylor-Joy, where he was asked about a character that he loved so much that he would like to play again. His answer was quite interesting considering the reputation of the film he was talking about.

Chris Hemsworth Looks Back on His Favorite Role

Chris Hemsworth has played many well-known characters in his career. From Gods of Thunder to mercenaries, voiced transformers, and even a Man in Black. He has explored various genres to become the icon that he is. One would assume that there are a lot of characters that the actor would like to play again.


Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters
Hemsworth in a still from Ghostbusters [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
During a recent interview with Buzzfeed alongside Anya Taylor-Joy, he was questioned about exactly this, being asked if there was one role he would want to play again and which one it would be. While there are a variety of good answers, the one Hemsworth picked may shock a lot of his fans.

Ghostbusters. Played a character in Ghostbusters who was a secretary. He was just a complete moron of a character. Pretty much the closest thing to myself.

The actor revealed that he would love to play the role of Kevin Beckman in the 2016 Ghostbusters. He talked about his reasoning for picking this character, stating that the secretary is quite a goofball and does not have a clue about what is going on.

Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters
Chris Hemsworth in as Kevin Beckman [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
Although Hemsworth joked that he reminded him of himself, it is safe to say that he had fun playing the role.


Fans May Disagree with Chris Hemsworth

While Chris Hemsworth had a lot of fun playing the role of Beckman in Ghostbusters, the answer itself may surprise many of his fans. The reason for this is that it has been regarded as one of his worst projects to date. The film was supposed to act as a revival of the iconic franchise and even managed to impress some critics. However, audiences were horrified at what they saw.

Rick Moranis did not return as Louis Tully in 2016's Ghostbusters
Ghostbusters (2016) [Credit: Columbia Pictures]
The 2016 movie got nothing but negative reviews from fans of the series. Although the film took various risks when it made an all-female cast, that was not that aspect that audiences had issues with. The script was heavily criticized, and the way the characters were written was certainly an interesting choice.

Some aspects were praised, including cinematography, visual effects, and the design of the ghosts. While Hemsworth’s character was another one of the highlights of the film, it did not have enough substance and did not get enough positive attention to be able to come back for another part.



Ghostbusters (2016) is available for streaming on Prime Video.


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