‘Pretty sure those diamonds aren’t cruelty free’: Ryan Reynolds Called Out Disney For Making Movies That Cause ‘Irreversible Trauma’

Ryan Reynolds Called Out Disney For Making Movies That Cause 'Irreversible Trauma'
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Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is known for its explicit humor and tendency of breaking the fourth wall. After both Deadpool and Logan were rated ‘R’ on Disney+, the actor went on to say on his Instagram about how other Disney projects such as Snow White, The Lion King, and Bambi should also be given an ‘R’ rating due to trauma.

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

After Disney bought Fox Studios, the X-Men and the characters surrounding the team all came under Disney. This included Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson also finding himself in ties with the company. Being one of the few Marvel movies to have an ‘R’ rating, it became difficult for audiences under a certain age to watch these movies. Concerning that, the actor joked about how Disney classics too should have a higher rating.

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Ryan Reynolds Wants The Lion King And Snow White To Have A Higher Rating

Claiming that multiple Disney classics can cause or have already caused irreversible trauma, Ryan Reynolds went on to explain why certain movies like Snow White and The Lion King need to be ‘R’ rated movies on Disney+.

Snow White disney
Snow White

For the former, he claimed how the movie was including mediums such as breaking and entering, and borderline polyandry and then further joked about how he’s sure that the diamonds included in the film aren’t cruelty-free. He shared an infographic about how the movie is not suitable for minors and miners or “bashful.”

A still from The Lion King

For movies such as Old Yeller, he explained how the movie was not good for those who are dog friendly, further elaborating on how it’s jabbing to innocent hearts.


“total ugly-cry inducing straight-up murder of Old Yeller. Also, bear abuse.”

As for The Lion King, the movie is not shy of making the audience cry. Mufasa’s death can hit like a truck to many. However, that is not the only reason why the film should get an ‘R’ rating. The Red Notice actor explained how the movie potentially had lion cousins kissing, mauling, fratricide, and more.

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Ryan Reynolds Explains Why Bambi Should Be ‘R’ Rated Too

Bambi was one such movie that stabbed hearts in the most brutal way possible. Reynolds too was no stranger to the pain that is inflicted when seeing the baby deer’s innocent mother submit to eternal slumber.


He pointed out how therapy is not cheap and that the movie certainly would leave a person with a fair share of trauma. Being the first two ‘R’ rated movies on the platform, Ryan Reynolds humorously posted on his Instagram about the pain of growing up with such movies that may be intended for kids but, do their part in scarring one’s childhood.

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