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‘The Revenant Meets Predator’: Prey Initial Reactions Praise Movie’s Atmospheric Thriller, Fans Want an Anthological Series Based in Different Timelines

The initial reviews for Prey, the 2022 action, adventure, science fiction film directed by 10 Cloverfield Lane’s Dan Trachtenberg are out. By the looks of it, the supposed prequel in the Predator franchise has been successful in living up to the original 1987 movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. With reviews describing the work as “brutal, rich, and profound,” The film is sure to be a masterpiece, and fans of the franchise eagerly await its worldwide release.

Prey (2022)
Prey (2022)

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So, What Is Prey About?

The film is the Predator franchise’s fifth full-length movie and the plot is set around 300 years back in the Comanche Nation. It follows the tale of Naru, played by Amber Midthunder, who sets out to defend the people of her tribe. Naru is, however, quick to discover that the target she is hunting down is a highly developed extraterrestrial predator, who harbors dangerously advanced technological weaponry. The movie is Rated-R, despite Disney having bought the franchise, which promises a bloody and brutal premise.

A scarier predator in Prey?
A scarier predator in Prey?

According to initial reviews, the predator witnessed in Prey is one of the scariest ones so far.

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Is The Movie Better Than Its 1987 Predecessor?

Predator (1987)
Predator (1987)

According to the initial reviews, the newest installment of the franchise outshines all the ones that came before it — some even argue that it may be worthy enough to present itself as an active contender against the first movie that started it all.

The Patrick Aison-written movie is getting an array of reactions, all thoroughly positive after the movie screened at Comic-Con on July 21st. One of the reviewers on Twitter describes Prey in the following way:

The reviews are sure to get fans of the franchise hyped before the release of the new film. They have one of the most thrilling movies of this year to look out for. Some fans even wish for an anthological continuation of the franchise, taking place across different timelines and eras.

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Twitter Reviewers On The Newest Installment

The reviewers on Twitter are going crazy over the Predator prequel, quoting it as “the best” in the franchise.

The Predator
The other successors to the original ’87 movie were quite disappointing

After various disappointments in the franchise, the fans have been rewarded with a great successor. This is what Twitter has to say:

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Prey is set to release on August 5th, 2022. For U.S. viewers, the film will be exclusively available on Hulu and for the international audience, the film drops on Disney+.

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