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Prey: Sequel Ideas For The Next Predator Movie

Prey was released on August 5, on Hulu, and the majority of reviews from critics (and fans alike) have been nothing short of praise! Prey is without a doubt the best sequel since the 1987 release of the first movie Predator starring Austrian superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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This new installment in the franchise checks every box for casual fans and diehard fans of the Yautja species. Prey brought a sigh of relief and hope for fans across the world that maybe just maybe the Predator franchise can continue to flourish. As a fellow fan I am on board to see more, excited to see what else Dan Trachtenberg or other directors bring to the table that’s faithful to the Yautja lore, yet a fresh take. I know many will agree with my statement. Here are some ideas of mine that can be explored in future movies after Prey.

Yautja Prime


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Idea: Audiences have yet to be graced with an all-out Yautja movie. The entire movie is in their language set on their homeworld where we follow a civil war between two clans. There’s going be zero humans. This movie is long overdue, imagine the various warrior classes and seeing these behemoth hunters fight one another to the death. This would make a great movie it also allows audiences a break from the same plot where the Predator finds his prey but it ends up killing him in the end. Fans need something fresh, and I don’t think the studio is comfortable just yet having him win in the next movie.

Story: There are daily massacres on Yautja Prime there seems to be no end to the madness. A growing clan of bad blood is causing havoc. They’re slaughtering innocent Yautja and won’t stop until every clan bends their knee. It’s up to two well-respected, battle-hardened clans to join forces in order to put an end to this bad-blood clan that’s terrorizing Yautja Prime.

Feudal Japan

Prey feudal japan


Idea: Feudal Japan feels like a no-brainer, am I wrong? Beautiful shots of the rural side of Japan, badass samurai battle scenes, some ninjas, and a Predator that has a sword like Feral Predator has in Prey. Maybe the sword looks like their own version of the katana. Unlike the Commanche in Prey, the samurai will have some upper hand in advanced weapons because they did use guns during this time in history. They were not the most accurate weapons back then, but one must admit seeing a line of Samurai fire their guns at a Predator before they charge in with their swords and spears would be so cool!

Story: Perhaps a story about an older ronin samurai that’s passed his prime with a troubled past. He is brought news about a lord that is in desperate need of his services. A “demon” is picking his men off one by one, he believes it could be a bad omen from his past and on top of that, he’s stressed about a possible assassination on his life. Not only that, this very lord is the former master of the older ronin. In the end, ronin defeats the Yautja but he does die too succumbing to his wounds but finally feeling at peace for restoring his honor. Hiroyuki Sanada will play the wise ronin that faces his toughest challenge yet.



Idea: Vikings, mead, berserker, nordic chants, and blood-soaked snow.

Story: This movie takes place in 1021AD following a fictional Viking king by the name of Gorm Thorgard in Norway. He is quickly losing grasp of the kingdom as his very own brother plots to overthrow him and declare civil war. While all of this is occurring two elite predators without plasma casters are dropped into the middle of all this mayhem. In this movie, it’ll feature completely two new predators that are both females named Huginn and Muninn who have never been portrayed in Predator movies.

Vietnam War


Idea: Vietnam offers fans a dash of nostalgia having this movie take place in another jungle environment as the first movie but with higher stakes. As this would take place during the war, there are a lot of booby traps set by both humans and the predator. This has all the makings of an eerie suspenseful monster movie.

Story: The story is about a team of Australian SASR aka “Phantoms of the jungle” by the Viet Cong that are sent to conduct a recon mission on enemy mortar positions. Eliminate any threats if the opportunity presents itself. Get in, get out. The mission goes south when they arrive at their destination, welcomed by the aroma of decaying flesh that has been baking under the jungle heat for hours, flayed Viet Cong everywhere, with zero traces of who or what the culprit is. They’ll find out soon they’re not the only phantoms of the jungle.

The Future (2122-2130)

concrete jungle Prey


Idea: I love seeing the predator in an urban environment, Predator 2 will always have a special place in my heart but there’s a masterpiece of a movie hidden within that sequel. Have an elite predator hunt in a futuristic city on Earth or a different planet inhabited by humans.

Story: This movie can follow the same story as the 2005 video game Predator: Concrete Jungle. When a Yautja nicknamed Scarface has a failed hunt on Earth, he is exiled to a hostile planet for a hundred years, and when picked up by his clan he must restore his honor by going back to the same city to finish his hunt and collect the missing Yautja technology that was left before being exiled. Blade Runner meets predator is the feel of this movie.

In conclusion, there are endless ideas for predator sequels from ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, World War 1, etc. Where would you the fan like to see predators go on their next hunt? Leave your comments, give us a like and follow. Don’t forget to check out Prey streaming now on Hulu!

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