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Following Prey’s Incredible Success, Predator Series in the Works – Rumour Explained

Predator Series

Following the major success of Prey, the recently released Predator prequel, there are now rumors that point at a new Predator series in the making. When it comes to the Hulu endeavor which saw its release on August 5th, 2022, critics and fans of the franchise have been claiming that Dan Trachtenberg’s brilliance has ushered in a new era for Predator. With the director having teased a potential sequel to Prey following the end-credits sequence of the film, it is no shock that Predator is also aiming for a series production; perhaps in hopes of successfully keeping the franchise alive through multiple sets of new projects.

Predator (1987)
Predator (1987)

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The Aftermath Of Prey’s Success

Despite initial skepticism on how good the Predator prequel would be, following the misfire of The Predator (2018), the fans were impressed by the excellent world of Hulu’s Prey. In fact, the film was so influential in its unique storytelling and worldbuilding that the Trachtenberg project got a Rotten Tomatoes score of 92% — having surpassed even the first film in the franchise, the 1987 Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, which has a rating of 80%.

The success of Prey has ushered in a new era

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It is undeniable that the classic franchise is now seeing its resurgence amongst fans and the general connoisseurs of movies. According to a recent GFR report, a new Disney+ Predator series is currently in talks. This news does not come off as a shocker, considering the popularity of the franchise has been re-established, all thanks to Trachtenberg’s Prey.

One thing to keep in mind about this speculated Predator series is that the demographic it’ll target seems to be the younger, teenage audience — a choice that is quite perplexing.

A Disney+ Predator Series Targeting A Younger Audience

Prey (2022)
Prey (2022)

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Following the premise of Prey, which is set 300 years back, where the Predator and a powerful female warrior named Naru square off in the Comanche Nation, many fans had expected to see the concept of Predator be set in other eras and time periods. Some had hoped for a potential Predator film that would see itself be set in Medieval Japan, where Samurais could take on the Predator.

However, what people may have not seen coming is the franchise’s decision to aim for a series that would be teenager-centric. While this may be a confusing decision, as the Predator films are known for being R-Rated, the plot details are not yet known and the series may pan out differently altogether than what people may be expecting.

The original Predator (1987)

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Perhaps, the Dinsey+ series may involve younger characters combating the extraterrestrial species. Irrespective of how the series will tackle the Predator premise, fans can only hope that the legacy of Prey is lived up to and the franchise, which has just been revived, doesn’t face another major setback. One promise of hope seems to be the way Disney+ has recently allowed for more mature projects to exist within its domain. Speculations of the series having adult themes may not be too far off reality. Only time can tell for sure.

While fans await more news on the potential Dinsey+ Predator series, Prey, featuring Amber Midthunder, is now exclusively streaming on Hulu.

Source: GFR

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