“Prime Garp would completely obliterate Kaido”: Gear 5 Luffy vs Kaido Fight Sparks Heated Debate Among One Piece Fans

Luffy vs Kaido Sparks Debate About Prime Garp vs Kaido among 'One Piece' fans.

"Prime Garp would completely obliterate Kaido": Gear 5 Luffy vs Kaido Fight Sparks Heated Debate Among One Piece Fans


  • Luffy Gear 5 vs. Kaido was the most recent battle that rocked the 'One Piece' universe.
  • Even though the fight was thrilling to watch, 'One Piece' fans were divided on many points of contention.
  • The topic of "Whether Prime Garp could have defeated Kaido or not?" was one of them.
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The recent battle that shook the One Piece world was Luffy Gear 5 vs Kaido. Kaido, known as the strongest creature of the One Piece world, defeated Luffy three times but was ultimately beaten by him when he got hold of the Gear 5 form. This fight is the most difficult one Luffy had to face in his life.

Luffy vs Kaido
Luffy vs Kaido

The battle was enjoyed by the fans and was a topic of discussion for a long time in the One Piece community. As Luffy won the fight, he not only gained a new ability, but he was also crowned with the title of Emperor of the Sea. Additionally, it helped Luffy liberate Wano country from the hands of the Beast Pirates.

While the fight was exciting to watch, it sparked a lot of heated debate among One Piece fans, one of which revolved around the question of “Whether Prime Garp could have beaten Kaido or not?” Fans have mixed reactions to the question as some believed Garp could have defeated Kaido in his prime, while some believe Kaido would win against Garp any day.


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Luffy vs Kaido Sparks Heated Debate Among One Piece Fans

The exhilarating battle between the Strongest Creature in the World and the Future King of the Pirates resulted in many big changes in the story of One Piece. Not only did Luffy was able to liberate Wano from the hands of the Beast Pirates, but he also got assigned the title of the Yonko of the sea. More importantly, it brought him closer to his dream of becoming the King of the Pirates.

However, the fight sparked a huge debate among One Piece fans about how Luffy’s grandfather Monkey D. Garp would have fought Kaido and what would have been the outcome of the fight. While many believed that Prime Garp would destroy Kaido, some One Piece fans think that Kaido would have been undefeated if he faced Garp.

Prime Garp
Prime Garp

If looking through the story of One Piece, Garp was known as the rival of Gol D. Roger, the former King of the Pirates. He and Roger were evidently on par in terms of strength when they were in their prime. This proves that Prime Garp was easily much stronger than Kaido and would have easily defeated him.

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Fans React to Prime Garp vs Kaido Debate

A YouTuber named @RocksReview recently posted a video about how Prime Garp couldn’t have beaten Kaido as Kaido had an ultimate defense and only someone with a sword could have had a chance to injure him.

Monkey D Garp from One Piece
Monkey D. Garp from the One Piece

This video started a huge debate among One Piece fans in the comment where fans started talking about how Prime Garp could obliterate Kaido easily.

@Salimyousuf1122 commented:

“Prime Garp would completely obliterate Kaido. Prime Garp equalling Whitebeard who has a supreme sword, the strongest paramecia devil fruit, all types of advanced haki, and monstrous strength by using only advanced levels of haki. If Luffy can push Kaido to his limit, then there is no way he can survive against Garp.”

@johnmouton9036 said:


“Garp destroyed a whole island with one punch. Which probably wasn’t at full strength”

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@IamlostHelp commented:

“We do see Kaido bleeding from Luffy’s attacks. While Luffy’s attacks might not have visible damage. They hurt Kaido from the inside. That’s what the old man who taught Luffy advanced armament haki said. That advanced armament haki destroys a person from within. If Luffy can make Kaido bleed. I find it hard to believe that Garp couldn’t do a 10 times worse damage.”

@Waw4n said:


“Garp fought Roger with his bare hands while Roger used a sword, they both had advanced haki. So Garp can knock anyone even Oden who made Kaido bleed. Yet in this clip, Prime Garp can’t beat Kaido?”

If Oden would have been given a fair chance, he could have easily beaten Kaido. And as Prime Garp was the rival of people like Whitebeard and Roger, who were way above Oden, he could have destroyed Kaido quite easily.

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