PRIME May Make Logan Paul a Billionaire But Here is Why Some Fans Hate Logan Paul and KSI’s Hydration Energy Drink

Despite PRIME's humungous success, the joint creation of KSI and Logan Paul garnered criticism for a variety of reasons.

PRIME May Make Logan Paul a Billionaire But Here is Why Some Fans Hate Logan Paul and KSI's Hydration Energy Drink


  • While PRIME has been extremely beneficial for Logan Paul and KSI, not everyone is satisfied with it.
  • Many fans came forward stating they felt the drink, PRIME was overpriced.
  • Logan Paul reflected on the scrutiny surrounding the drink's caffeine level.
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Launched back in 2022, the joint creation between former boxing rivals and influencers Logan Paul and KSI, PRIME Energy, is now worth billions. Following an effective marketing campaign by the two Influencers, it didn’t take long for young fans to flock to the supermarkets in order to get a hand on the beverage upon its initial limited release.


And while PRIME has been extremely beneficial for Paul and KSI, not everyone is satisfied with the line of sports and energy drinks for a variety of reasons, most prominently involving its pricing.

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Prime Hydration drink
Logan Paul and KSI | Prime Hydration drink

Fans Share Common Complaint Over PRIME’s Pricepoint

Upon its release, chaos ensued in supermarkets as the younger demographic emptied the shelves containing the beverage, but not everyone was satisfied with the product they got. While fans came forward with a variety of complaints, ranging from its taste to its unsuitable amount of caffeine for a drink aimed at teens, the one where most found common ground was its pricing.

Many fans came forward stating they felt the drink was overpriced, and its initial limited release didn’t help, as many young fans bought the drink at inflated prices from scalpers. But KSI did come forward urging fans to not buy a bottle for such expensive prices, stating “Stop buying at these prices”, after reports of fans spending around $100 to get the sports drink emerged.

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Prime Hydration drink
Prime Hydration drink

Logan Paul Addresses the Fuss Surrounding PRIME’s Caffeine  Level

Apart from the price point, another major talking point regarding the sports beverage was its caffeine level, which raised heavy concerns among health experts and lawmakers. And while Senator Charles Schumer urged the FDA to look into the highly drink popular among teens, Logan Paul tackled the situation, defending the controversial drink.

In an interview with Fox Business, the WWE Superstar touched on the scrutiny surrounding the drink’s caffeine level, which is largely available for the younger demographic to purchase. He said,

“It has 200 milligrams of caffeine and that’s nothing revolutionary or out of the ordinary. What we’re doing is comparable to every other competitor in the market.” He continued, ” If we think it [caffeine] is really as unsafe as some of these politicians are saying, and if people like Chuck Schumer really cared then why aren’t we controlling this at the point of purchase?… Every ingredient in our products is FDA approved.” Paul claimed.

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Logan Paul
Logan Paul

Despite the commotion surrounding the beverage, it has kept racking in big numbers for Logan Paul and KSI, as it reportedly made a whopping $250 million in retail sales in 2022.



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