Priorities Straight? Logan Director James Mangold Reportedly Putting DC’s Swamp Thing in the Backburner for Star Wars Project

Priorities Straight? Logan Director James Mangold Reportedly Putting DC's Swamp Thing in the Backburner for Star Wars Project

After his Indiana Jones 5, which is inching toward its release, James Mangold might not be getting abundant time to relax, as he has got a plethora of projects under his belt to get running. The director who is responsible for concluding the decade-long story of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine with Logan will be soon joining two gigantic universes of Star Wars and DC.

But before jumping into these big Ips, the director is set to craft a Bob Dylan biopic, including Timothée Chalamet at its forefront. However, it seems that after finishing up with the biopic, the director is reportedly set to prioritize his Lucasfilm project.

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James Mangold
James Mangold

James Mangold is reportedly prioritizing his Star Wars project over Swamp Thing

With the director set to step his footing in both the Star Wars universe and Gunn’s new DCU, it seems that James Mangold might be giving his full attention to his Star Wars project instead of DC. According to Industry Insider, Jeff Sneider, Mangold is reportedly set to craft his Star Wars project after the biopic, which is set to deal with the origins of the first Jedi in a biblical fashion. And following his unique approach to the iconic IP, Star Wars fans are excited after Sneider’s reports.

However, it might not be the most exciting report for DC fans, as it might be a long while before they get to witness Mangold’s take on the iconic character of Swamp Thing. But following James Gunn’s roadmap for the new DCU, Mangold’s alleged decision to prioritize Star Wars over Swamp Things does make sense.

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James Mangold
James Mangold

James Mangold’s alleged plans regarding his DCU project make complete sense

Although it might be a bit disappointing to know that the Swamp Thing project might not be the biggest priority for James Mangold after his Bob Dylan biopic, it does make complete sense. Following James Gunn’s and Peter Safran’s initial slate for the first chapter of the new DCU, it is evident that Swamp Thing might be the last film to release from the announced projects.

And considering that DCU’s first major release, Superman: Legacy is set to release in 2025, it’s reasonable to assume that the Swamp Thing project is years away from its release.

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DC's Swamp Thing
DC’s Swamp Thing

Considering that it will be a long while before Swamp Thing gets running on the big screen, it does make sense why James Mangold will be shifting his priority to the Star Wars project at the present. Although there hasn’t been any release date announced for his Star Wars project, we might soon get an official update regarding its release.

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