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“Probably the best Dexter season ever”: Fans Hail Showtime’s Rumored Plan for a Trinity Killer Prequel Spinoff

"Probably the best Dexter season ever": Fans Hail Showtime's Rumored Plan for a Trinity Killer Prequel Spinoff

Dexter has been attracting fans with its enticing story and serial killer drama. Paramount+ has acknowledged its importance as well and has pushed for a spin-off for the series. This series is said to focus on the Trinity Killer. Taking inspiration from the success of Yellowstone, Showtime is looking towards Taylor Sheridan to further expand on more shows.

A still from Dexter

Both Dexter and Billions are getting spin-offs, continuing their success. The latter will be getting over four successors, including Millions and Trillions. The former will also be getting a spin-off focusing on the origin story of the show and how the characters came to be. It will feature on Paramount+ and will follow the story of Michael C. Hall’s character, and how he turned to killing.

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Dexter’s Spin-Off Will See The Trinity Killer Again

The Trinity Killer was featured on Dexter and was loved by a lot of fans. John Lithgow played the character in the most interesting way possible, making his character an iconic one. The upcoming spin-off will be featured on Showtime which has already started working on another version, titled Dexter: New Blood. This series will focus on Dexter’s son Harrison. Clyde Philips, the creator of the series will be responsible for the upcoming show as well.

John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer

Philips was responsible for being the showrunner of the first four seasons. These seasons also included the character of the Trinity Killer. Showtime has since also greenlit a thriller series that is to be directed by none other than George Clooney. It will be a CIA-focused series and will be based on the French show, The Bureau. Paramount+ and Showtime’s merging has resulted in a lot of series and projects being fused and put into one platform, benefiting both the viewers and the streaming services.

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Fans React To The Trinity Killer Returning

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The prequel series that will feature the Trinity Killer has already made the fans jump with excitement. They have called the season that involved Lithgow’s character to be one of the best. His journey to becoming a murderer has intrigued a lot of the audience and made them wonder how and why he became that way.

Fans want to see John Lithgow reprise his role or somehow find a way to make it into the series to bring the glory that he kept during his season. Fans are willing to watch this spin-off purely if the actor will have some involvement.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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