Problems Batman Villains Had That Money Could Have Solved


Batman Villains had certain problems, that money could have easily solved. This would have prevented many of Batman’s famous Rogues gallery from bothering Gotham again. Instead, Batman’s Rogues Gallery has been the treasure trove for some of the top supervillains in comic book history. Like Scarecrow, The Joker, and Two-Face, some of them are the most twisted and evil creatures Gotham City has ever known. But then some make the Dark Knight’s saga a little more exciting simply because they don’t choose to be the baddies.

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Check out these problems that batman villains had that money could have solved:


8. The Ventriloquist/ Scarface: Scarface suffers from the condition of dissociative identity disorder and is one of the most undervalued Batman Villains, but he’s also easily defeated multiple times.

The World's Finest on Twitter: "The Batman: The Animated Series episode "Read My Lips" debuted this month (May 10) back in 1993! Scarface's introduction to the series mixes a pitch-perfect hard-boiled bent

7. Humpty Dumpty/Humphry Dumpler: Despite his stout appearance and pleasing demeanor, Humpty’s obsession with destroying things only to piece them back together is what keeps him restricted. He’s not a wrong person at all; instead, Humphry needs proper guidance, fitness, and a little motivation in the right direction.

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6. Killer Croc/Waylon Jones: Despite his reptilian appearance, isn’t the monster he claims to be. He’s brutal and hefty, but not a monster in particular. Waylon was born with a progressive skin condition that caused his figure to develop into a crocodile. Hence because of his terrifying form, he is often ridiculed, and that made him ruthless. However, a little therapy and self-acceptance could make him less cruel.

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5. The Riddler/Edward Nashton: The Riddler is one of the most intellectual Batman Villains. He has the intense passion and skill to create and solve games and puzzles that are beyond anyone’s imagination.

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4. The Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot: The penguin gets his name because of his bird-like appearance. However, even behind his penguin personality, Oswald desires to fit in. If he invested his finances in cosmetic surgery and therapy, he could look normal and run his club as a legitimate business for the rest of his life.

The Batman' 2021 director confirms Colin Farrell's Penguin in cryptic GIF

3. Bane/ Eduardo Dorrance: Bane is one of the most threatening and daunting batman villains. However, Bane gets his strength through Venom, a chemical that symbolizes steroids in the comic book sense. Therefore, bringing him into rehab wouldn’t just keep him off the streets but also could save his life.

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2. Harley Quinn/the better half of joker: Harley Quinn, known as the joker’s girlfriend for years, made the audience forget that she’s a certified psychologist. With the correct treatment and a little extra funding, she could’ve helped the other villains like her to mend their ways.

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1. Mr. Freeze/Victor Fries: Mr. Freeze committed acts of evil in the name of his beloved wife, Nora. He pledged his life to crime to fund the technology that’s kept his wife alive. If someone cured her, he’d no longer threaten Gotham because Freeze would happily devote all his time and attention to his wife.

I failed you. I wish there were another way to say it. I cannot! I can only beg your forgiveness, and … | Batman the animated series, Batman rogues gallery, Batman


Many of Arkham Asylum’s prisoners can be managed not by Batman whipping them back into their cells but with a generous donation from his millionaire personality. With a sufficient amount of money, some of these villains would never bother Gotham City again.

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