“Prove me wrong”: 37-Year-Old Filipino Claims He’s Johnny Depp’s First Son, Pleads For Help

Johnny Depp has another son? Filipino man claims he might be the firstborn son of the Hollywood star.

“Prove me wrong”: 37-Year-Old Filipino Claims He's Johnny Depp’s First Son, Pleads For Help


  • Johnny Depp is the loving father of two children, but a Filipino man called James claims he might be the actor's firstborn.
  • Alleging that he has similar ancestry as the actor as well as the looks, James posted the details in a viral Tiktok video.
  • He substantiates his claim by stating Depp was in the Philippines around the time he was born.
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It is common knowledge that Johnny Depp is the loving father of two kids, Lily-Rose Depp, 24, and Jack Depp, 21. While Rose is often in the spotlight thanks to her career, Jack is rarely ever photographed. While Depp continues to support and often speaks up about his two kids, there was a recent rumor that he might have another son.

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Johnny Depp (@johnnydepp | Instagram)
Johnny Depp (@johnnydepp | Instagram)

This rumor stemmed from a claim by a 37-year-old Filipino man, who posted on his TikTok about potentially being the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s firstborn. His claims took social media by storm, with many fans stating he might be his son as he does look similar to Depp.


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Filipino Man Claims To Be Johnny Depp’s Firstborn

james (from the tiktok video) and johnny depp
James (from the TikTok video) and Johnny Depp (R)

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In a video posted by the TikTok account @Tanlife999 (via Your Tango), a Filipino man by the name of James alleged that he might be the acclaimed Hollywood actor. Johnny Depp‘s first son. According to the video, James seemed to have made this conclusion after having his mother ignore him and turn abusive towards him whenever he asked about his biological father and after they moved to America when Depp was gaining recognition.

“I have asked plenty of times only to be met with violence.”

While he does look a bit like the actor and might even have a similar voice (as many TikTok users noted), many fans of the actor claimed that he only looks similar because of his beard. However, James maintained his claim adding that he even got a DNA ancestry test done before his unusual revelation.


He remarked that he found out he allegedly has 16% Scottish, and 25% English, as well as DNA from Welsh, German, Irish, and other European countries allegedly from his father’s side. Depp too has a bit of German, Irish, and French ancestry as was revealed in the book Johnny Depp: A Modern Rebel.

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James Also Shared Photos Of ‘His Mother’ With Johnny Depp

photo shared by james of his mother (middle) with depp (image via platoon 30 documentary facebook)
Photo shared by James of his mother (middle) with Depp (image via Platoon 30 Documentary | Facebook)

The man claiming to be Johnny Depp’s son, James, revealed that he had no idea what his real date of birth was because his mother had apparently registered his birth late (October 15, 1986) and even received a citation for not registering a live birth for up to a year. 

Revealing that his birth certificate had no details about his biological father, he alleged that his claims seem to hold some truth for Depp was in the Philippines in 1986, shooting for the movie Platoon. Although he had an albeit short role in the movie, James shared a photo from the set of the movie, claiming that the Asian woman sitting behind him was his mother.


While no further development has since taken place, nor has Depp even commented about it, James urged the viewers to help him out and ‘if anything, just help prove me wrong‘. Meanwhile, fans seem to think it is all a publicity stunt as many of them pointed out on X.


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