“PS Plus is back!”: 2023’s Best Soulslike Hits PlayStation Plus Alongside Huge Final Fantasy Title

PlayStation Plus might be reclaiming the throne in July with its Extra and Premium titles, overpowering the Xbox Game Pass.

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  • Popular leaker teases the upcomimg games for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium catalog in the month of June.
  • Among the titles, Remnant 2 and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion might be the biggest ones.
  • Fans are extremely happy to see the grand return of PlayStation with its subscription service.
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PlayStation Plus has always been a treat for all PS fans around the world. With this subscription service, you can enjoy awesome gaming titles without actually buying them by just paying a simple subscription fee for a certain period of time.


Fans are now gearing up for the games that will be introduced in July on this subscription service. Many fans think PlayStation has always fallen behind the Xbox Game Pass. But this time, the scenario might be changing.

Leaked PlayStation Plus Titles for Extra and Premium Tiers in July 2024

Remnant 2 will be in the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium catalog for July 2024.
Remnant 2 will be in the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium catalog for July 2024. | Credit: PlayStation.

July 2024 is probably going to see the grand return of the subscription service of this long-hailed console company. According to hugely popular leaker Billbill-Kun,  a number of popular titles await the fans. As per him, following the general trends, all these games should be announced on July 10, 2024.


Probably the biggest title on this list has to be Remnant 2, which will be available for Plus Extra and Premium members this July. The predecessor of this title was already featured on PlayStation’s subscription service back in March 2021. Now it’s time for the successor. This addition gives us a hint that in June 2024, Football Manager was added to Plus Extra, whereas it was already accessible on Game Pass. The same thing has happened with Remnant 2 as well.

There is another title that is going to hype up Final Fantasy fans to a whole new level. Another flagship title on the list is Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, which is a remastered version of the original game released back in 2007 on the PlayStation Portable (PSP).


Here are the other games that will be featured in the PS Plus Extra catalog for July 2024:

  • Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, Enhanced Edition
  • Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
  • No More Heroes 3
  • Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, Complete Edition

All of these titles will be accessible on July 17, 2024. There is another game on the list as well, which is Remnant: From the Ashes. But the leaker himself is not 100% sure about the game, so it isn’t mentioned in the list.

Fans are Hugely Excited

PlayStation Plus is huge in the month of July for Extra and Premium subscribers.
PlayStation Plus is huge in the month of July for Extra and Premium subscribers. | Credit: PlayStation.

Xbox fans have always had the upper hand in their respective subscription services as compared to PlayStation, as the PS Plus really lagged behind Xbox Game Pass in recent times. However, PlayStation couldn’t make Essential fans happy the way it has made the Extra and the Premium fans. But as things stand, PlayStation might claim the throne once again. And that’s clearly evident in the aspiring words from the fans.


This fan thinks his favorite console is back with its Plus subscription service.

This fan almost spent his $40 for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion. Thanks to PS Plus for having this fan’s back.


On the other hand, this fan comes up with his own request of having an action RPG title from Square Enix on the list for July.


This fan has started predicting the future already.

That’s it for PS Plus games in July for Extra and Premium subscribers. Did PlayStation miss out on some games? What do you think? Let us know which game do want to see in the list in July, in the comment section.


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