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PS5 Design Inspires Hilarious Memes

Sony recently hosted its online Playstation 5 event, using the platform to reveal several game announcements for the PS5.

Some of them include Sony’s exclusive games like Spider-Man as well as a fan-favorite Gran Turismo.

The digital launch wrapped up with detailed specifications and design of the long-awaited Playstation 5.

Naturally, the reveal took the Internet by storm. As a result, it wasn’t long before the design inspired hilarious memes on Twitter.

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Unique Design of Sony Playstation 5 

PS5 Design
Playstation 5 is expected to release by Christmas 2020

Because of the console’s out-of-the-box design, it inspired varied responses and reactions from fans.

Twitter users compared the PS5 console’s design to references from popular culture, to even home appliances!

Additionally, fans have even edited it to make it appear as an anime character’s collar.


It’s evident that the general population is having a lot of fun with the new design.

However, there’s no doubt that fans are warming up to the sleek design. Though we are only at the beginning of a PS5 meme era, this is likely to go on until PS5’s release in late 2020. 

Twitter Users React To New PS5 Design

The product line of Sony's Playstation 5
The product line of Sony’s Playstation 5

Here are some of the hilarious responses from Twitter users on the PS5 console: 

The imagination runs wild in this one!:

Hmm, close enough:

And, this just proves that creativity knows no bounds!:

Literally the best version of the “You know I had to do it to them” meme:

Looks like PS5 hit the market early for this user!:

I can’t spot the difference, can you?:




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